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  1. Matterport HQ has been bustling in the weeks leading up to Inman Connect SF 2015. At the last Inman event, we launched multi-floor navigation, a significant improvement to 3D Showcase that allows viewers to navigate spaces floor-by-floor. Our very own Bill Brown, Matterport CEO, took to the Inman main stage to demo multi-floor and share his vision of how immersive media, like our 3D technology, will forever change numerous industries, starting with real estate. Read More

  2. deadmau5' Toronto penthouse for sale

    Tour deadmau5’s Toronto penthou5e in 3D

    Increasingly, we’re seeing Matterport 3D Showcases pop up on high-profile properties that come on the market. One of our favorites is the recently vacated former residence of house music performer Joel Zimmerman (aka deadmau5). Read More

  3. Hole Filling

    Introducing: Hole Filling

    You stage your space meticulously. Get the lighting just right. And plan a smooth path through the entire space before you scan. Why? Because pre-planning is key to creating pristine Dollhouse and Floorplan views, with a smooth and seamless Inside walkthrough. If you’ve created online virtual tours with Matterport before, you know that this kind of attention to detail creates the best models and elevates the 3D showcase experience. Read More

  4. Matterport 3D Models used for Hospitality Marketing

    An interview with Steve Barnes

    Barnes Creative Studios is a multimedia production company that focuses primarily on luxury travel and commercial real estate. They work with top brands like Starwood, Viceroy, and Princess Cruise Lines, delivering a very high-quality experience with advanced technology like Matterport.

    We sat down with owner Steve Barnes to discuss his views on Matterport’s role in high-end multimedia marketing. Read More

  5. Introducing the Matterport GearVR beta

    Matterport Announces our Limited VR Beta

    With the introduction of the Galaxy Note 4 and the first-generation GearVR Innovator Edition headset last December, Oculus and Samsung ushered in a new age of virtual reality experiences. Matterport was one of the first to create content for this new platform, in the form of the Matterport VR Showcase demo app. Suddenly, the VR world is untethered and accessible to everyone.

    What’s coming next is a much broader VR community, which will drive creativity and innovation in the space. Read More

  6. Hellas Chaos, Mars

    Red Planet Redux

    “Mars is the great challenge of our time.”

    Mars Desert Research Station

    Mankind has always looked beyond our lonely rock for new frontiers, casting messages out into the black, hoping for a response. When we sent our first pioneers to the Moon, many of us dared to look just beyond – out to other planets, stars, systems. Read More

  7. Alex Theatre

    Art Deco Meets 3D: DIGGS and Matterport Create Immersive Experience of Historic Alex Theatre

    Historic preservation is something that film does quite well. With its ability to immerse us in sights and sounds, film as a creative medium bears a special promise of remembrance – of transportation to a particular time and place. Early enthusiasts immediately recognized this ability. Suddenly, they could take moments in time and preserve and rearrange them forever.

    Does immersive digital content possess a similar promise? What new possibilities might it open to preserve the past – and to play with time and space as creative material? Read More