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  1. Explore This! Matterport technology has opened doors in Louisiana real estate! Local ABC affiliate TV station, KTBS Channel 3, did a story on Matterport, demonstrating how this 3D technology is “changing the way homes are bought and sold.” Read More

  2. Pendine_classic_car_showroom_virtual_tour_2016

    Pendine Classic Cars Showroom

    Explore This! From roadsters and Edwardian racers, to hot rods and limited edition models, Pendine is home to a rotating collection of classic cars. Read More

  3. The_Vault_at_dPOP_Detroit_Chrysler_House_Virtual_Tour_2016

    The Vault at dPOP!

    Explore This! Lock yourself in this 100-year-old vault beneath the Chrysler House in downtown Detroit. For decades, the Edwardian-era vault, once belonging to the Bank of the Commonwealth, became a neglected repository for building supplies and trash until Quicken Loans founder, Dan Gilbert, purchased the 23-story building in 2011. Read More

  4. San_Giusto_Cathedral_Trieste_Italy_Virtual_Tour_2016

    San Giusto Cathedral

    Explore This! Welcome to the Cathedral of San Giusto in Trieste, Italy. The Cathedral was built in 1300 by combining two early churches to create a single larger basilica with five naves. Read More

  5. Deadmau5_House_Toronto_Virtual_Tour_2016

    Deadmau5 House

    Explore This! Peek inside this lavish Toronto condo, once owned by famous DJ and producer, Deadmau5! This custom penthouse spans two floors with over 3,000 square feet of living space and features a huge rooftop terrace with breathtaking views of the Toronto skyline. Read More

  6. Sand_Dune_Arch_Arches_National_Park_Virtual_Tour_2016

    Sand Dune Arch

    Explore This! Take a hike through Sand Dune Arch in Utah’s Arches National Park. This secluded arch is surrounded by red sand and nestled among sandstone rock fins, and is a perfect hike for beginners or children! Read More

  7. Our_Lady_of_Guadalupe_Catholic_Church_Virtual_Tour_2016

    Our Lady of Guadalupe in NYC

    Explore This! Check out Our Lady of Guadalupe church in the Chelsea area of New York City. This Roman Catholic parish was established in 1868 for a congregation of Irish immigrants and was considered one of the most important Catholic churches in the city. Read More

  8. Red_Cross_War_Museum_Narvik_Norway_Virtual_Tour_2016

    Red Cross War Museum, Narvik Centre

    Explore This! In honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day (January 27), we bring you the Red Cross War Museum at the Narvik Centre in Narvik, Norway. Read More

  9. The_Marmara_Taksim_Spa_Virtual_Tour_2016

    The Marmara Spa

    Explore This! Cleanse your body and your soul at the Marmara Spa. Located in the 5-star luxury Marmara Taksim hotel in Istanbul, Turkey, this spa offers a modern Turkish bath experience with striking interior decor and elegance. Read More

  10. Grainger_Museum_Virtual_Tour_2016

    Grainger Museum

    Explore This! Spend some time wandering through the Grainger Museum, the only purpose-built autobiographical museum in Australia. Percy Grainger was an early 20th Century composer and performer from Melbourne, Australia, who attracted sell-out audiences for his concerts. Read More

Don't own a Matterport Pro Camera yet? Buy one today to start creating VR content.

Join the Matterport VR Beta

Matterport is currently beta testing a new service that lets you view your Matterport Showcases on virtual reality headsets. The goal is to turn the interior view of Showcase into an immersive virtual reality experience.

The video below shows the images seen by each eye during interactive exploration, but you need a Gear VR to truly experience the feeling of immersion.

You can already experience publicly available Matterport models on Gear VR by downloading the Matterport VR Showcase app, available now in the Samsung Gear VR app store. This app features a carousel of Matterport spaces, including an art gallery, a national park, and a World Heritage Site.

We strongly believe that mobile virtual reality headsets, in which a smartphone is placed inside a set of VR goggles, are one of the best ways of experiencing VR. Their mobility allows you to carry them around in a small bag, set them up in seconds, and give demonstrations on the go.

As such, we’re currently focused on optimizing our content on the Samsung Gear VR ($199.99, works with Samsung Note 4, Samsung Galaxy S6, and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge).

An experimental version of our app may also be available on Google Cardboard in the future, but since Cardboard is an open platform, performance on any particular device is harder to guarantee. In general, newer phones should be used for the best experience. Older phones (launched more than a year ago) may not be supported, or may suffer low frame rate, latency, or other issues.

Your Content in VR

We’re inviting Matterport camera owners to get in early on the experience of viewing their Matterport spaces in VR with our VR Beta program, in advance of our mainstream VR app. Participants will also have a chance to give us feedback as we build out the main VR app experience.

At this time, we have limited capacity, so there is a moderate per-model conversion fee for the program. This also covers the cost of manual post-processing to ensure models look their best in VR. Conversion time can be up to two calendar weeks, though we expect turnaround times to drop as we move to a more automated system.

Results will vary based on model quality. Depending on the model data quality, we may choose to turn off stereo in the VR version. This means that distances will “pop” less, but provides a cleaner visual experience and is less likely to cause motion sickness. Models submitted to the VR Beta program should generally have 75 active scan positions (sweeps) or fewer. You can, and often should, thin out scan positions to reduce clutter by selectively removing them from high-density areas in Workshop. A 100-sweep model may look stellar as a 70-sweep model in VR.

If you’re interested in converting a Matterport space into VR, we’re happy to provide feedback on how well it will work. Please contact us by filling out the form below for more details.

Preparing your models for VR:

VR is different from the standard 3D Showcase experience, so you’ll want to capture and edit your scans a little differently. Follow the guidelines below to optimize the experience of your Matterport model in VR.

Scanning for VR:
  • Ensure that the tripod is kept at a consistent height near eye level, and choose scan positions carefully based on where it would feel natural to stand.
  • It still pays to scan densely to improve the quality of your mesh, but keep in mind that final scan positions should be consistently spaced to produce a natural feeling of movement. You can always deactivate extra positions in Workshop.
  • Avoid putting the camera too close to walls where possible. These placements may make users feel claustrophobic in VR.

  • Cover large spaces in a grid pattern with consistent distances between scan positions.

  • Ensure windows and mirrors are properly marked. Models with improperly or unmarked windows and mirrors will not look as good, especially in Stereo mode.

  • Try to capture complete rooms. If capturing open areas or parts of rooms, scan farther than you want users to walk, and then deactivate sweeps beyond your desired boundary so that the mesh extends well beyond the outermost active sweep.

Editing for VR:
  • Duplicate your model when editing for VR. You’ll likely make different choices for viewing on the web versus viewing in VR. If you want to convert an existing model to VR and it’s no longer on your iPad, a Matterport representative can duplicate it for you.

  • When you view your model in VR, each scan position will be represented by a sphere. These spheres will be at eye level. Use Workshop to reduce the density of sweeps, generally only having one every ~10 feet, for a less cluttered experience.

  • In densely captured areas, deactivate some scan positions to thin out the view and allow the user to move at a natural pace. 

  • Ensure that there is a scan position visible in front of each doorway so that it’s easy to move through the doorway.

  • If you did any additional sweeps at very high or low positions, you’ll want to remove these to create a path composed of consistent capture heights. In Workshop you can switch modes to view sweep heights.  This will let you more easily choose which sweeps to deactivate and get a sense of overall sweep density.

In order to view your converted model in VR, you will need to download and install the “Matterport VR Showcase” app from the Oculus VR app store. It can be found under the “Apps” tab in the store. This is a large app, and we recommend downloading over Wifi when possible.


For additional information and pricing, please fill out the form below:

What are you interested in?

Name (required)

Email Address (required)

Company URL of model to be converted (if applicable)

Additional Information