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  1. Matterport Brings State-of-the-Art 3D Modeling to Countdown to the Closing Bell

    The 3D media movement is quickly picking up steam as the technology becomes more accessible and virtual reality platforms crop up and improve the overall experience.

    We had a great time on live TV as Fox Business News took Matterport 3D Showcase for a spin on January 29, 2015. In a segment on Countdown to the Closing Bell with Liz Claman, Matterport CEO Bill Brown discussed Matterport’s accessible, affordable 3D modeling technology, its applications in real estate and other industries, and Matterport’s vision for the future of 3D content.

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  2. Bill Brown speaks at Inman Connect

    Real Estate Warms up to 3D at Inman Real Estate Connect NYC

    At one time, high-end professional photography and video tours were enough to make online listings pop. These days, they are merely the price of entry. At Inman Real Estate Connect NYC, the floor was filled with agents and brokers hunting for the next big thing to give them an edge.

    We’re in the middle of a real estate technology boom. Tech-savvy brokers and agents are seeking out new ways to differentiate their businesses and stand out from the competition.

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  3. daniel-mistein-house

    The Wow Factor:
    Our conversation with photographer Daniel Milstein on Why 3D Photography Works

    Daniel Milstein gets invited to a lot of places most of us just read about. A photographer of luxury homes, his work week can involve documenting the remodel of a 19th Century mansion in Newport R.I.,  hanging out of a helicopter to shoot a vacation home in Vail or St. Thomas, or trying to capture the essence of an ecologically designed time share resort in Mexico.  He was also one of the earliest adopters of the Matterport 3D platform, so we caught up with him to get his opinion on the technology and what is driving the interest in 3D photography for real estate.

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  4. Capture - 2014

    Walk through a 3D model of Y Combinator

    Back in the beginning of 2012, when we started the Y Combinator startup accelerator program, we had a very basic demo of a 3D reconstruction system that could make 3D models of objects.  Our demo was impressive at the time, but we were starting to get feedback from potential customers that the market for capturing spaces might be much bigger than the market for capturing objects.

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  5. matterport-blog-vr-headset

    Matterport 3D Showcase + VR Headset = Wow!

    Matterport 3D Showcase of the Mirus Art Gallery in an Oculus headset – content courtesy of Immersio.

    We have been working with developer versions of the Oculus Rift for quite some time and immediately saw the potential for immersive VR headsets to really make the most of our 3D content. We can’t wait for these devices to become commercially available – if you visit us at the National Association of Realtors (NAR) show in November; you get to try one out for yourself. That’s actually one of the most fun parts about working at Matterport – you get to show people totally new things and see the excitement it brings them.

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  6. capture-app

    Bye-Bye Summer – Hello Capture App

    During the summer we’ve been actively engaged with experienced brokerages, agents, and photographers in the San Francisco Bay Area in an ongoing effort to make sure we understand the business needs of our real estate customers. We are a company building groundbreaking 3D technology – that’s what we specialize in.  But we feel it’s important to deliver new innovation to the market that is informed by our customers.  That’s why our team have spent a good portion of the Summer visiting a number of brokerages and speaking with agents, marketers, technologists, and photographers to gather feedback on Matterport’s product offering and to gain deeper insights into how Matterport can make our 3D media platform even better.

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  7. mp-blog-3

    Matterport’s 3D Camera Goes to Wonderland

    When we were creating the Matterport 3D media platform, we often wondered how artists and photographers might use our technology to deliver a new perspective to their audience. Photography, after all, became an art form in its own right only a few years after the invention of 2D camera.

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  8. redfin-screenshot-1

    How Redfin Helped Optimize Matterport Technology for Real Estate

    Three-dimensional photography has to be simple and fast. You need push-button simplicity and it can’t take a long time to capture a property. That was one of the many crucial insights we received from national real estate brokerage Redfin and its CTO, Sasha Aickin, when developing our Matterport 3D camera and cloud platform.

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