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  1. When we were creating the Matterport 3D media platform, we often wondered how artists and photographers might use our technology to deliver a new perspective to their audience. Photography, after all, became an art form in its own right only a few years after the invention of 2D camera.

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    How Redfin Helped Optimize Matterport Technology for Real Estate

    Three-dimensional photography has to be simple and fast. You need push-button simplicity and it can’t take a long time to capture a property. That was one of the many crucial insights we received from national real estate brokerage Redfin and its CTO, Sasha Aickin, when developing our Matterport 3D camera and cloud platform.

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    Welcome to the Matterport Blog


    Welcome to the first installment of the Matterport blog.

    In upcoming postings myself, others from our company or guests we invite we will explore ideas, share interesting insights, and show some great 3D visuals that Matterport is making possible. We invite you share your thoughts with us.

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