The Only End-to-End 3D Platform

  • 1Capture

    Scan and upload 3D data to the cloud with our Matterport Pro 3D Camera or with mass-market mobile devices.

  • 2Create and Host
    Create & Host

    Matterport cloud-processing technology generates and hosts fully immersive models from captured 2D and 3D data.

  • 3Interact and Share
    Interact & Share

    Matterport’s web and mobile apps allow anybody to interact with 3D models anywhere—with just a browser.

Technology Components

Matterport Pro 3D Camera and Capture App

Capture any space. As the Matterport Pro 3D Camera gently spins, it captures the colors and contours of a space—and calculates dimensions and spacial relationships between objects. Unlike cumbersome laser-based systems that cost tens of thousands of dollars and require significant hours of work to create a single 3D model, Matterport’s Pro camera is cost effective and easy-to-use. It automatically produces consistently high-quality 3D models in the hands of every user. The Matterport Pro 3D Camera is available for $4,500. Order Now.

  • Matterport Pro 3D Camera Offers Array of 2D and 3D Sensors

    2D and 3D Sensors

    Matterport’s professional 3D camera uses an array of 2D and 3D sensors to quickly capture the appearance and dimensions of a space.

  • Matterport Pro 3D Camera Controlled by iPad App

    iPad 3D Capture App

    Anybody can create a high-quality 3D model using the 3D Capture app running on an iPad. Just press the button and watch the camera gently spin.

  • Matterport for Mobile

    Mobile 3D Capture (Coming Soon)

    The Matterport 3D Capture app will soon support 3rd party mobile devices from major mobile phone and tablet manufacturers.

Matterport Cloud

Generate models. The Matterport Cloud analyzes data uploaded from the camera to automatically create immersive 3D models. The Matterport Cloud stitches together 3D and 2D data to create a complete, dimensionally accurate model of spaces. This model is made complete through a process of intelligently filling holes in the 3D data. The cloud then takes that model and converts it into a very efficient format, called a polygonal mesh, that minimizes the storage size of the models and makes it easy to distribute through simple apps. The net result: users feels just like being in the space.

  • Creates 3D Mesh, Adds Texture

    Matterport Cloud creates complete models. Enlarge Video | .OBJ CAD app required. File  is 21.9 MB (not for republishing)

  • Matterport Mesh

    Versatile Algorithms

    Matterport’s computer vision algorithms can handle cluttered or empty spaces—as well as spaces with many windows.

  • Matterport: No CAD

    No Software

    Matterport brings cloud processing to the 3D design world. No software. No files. Work anywhere and share with anyone.


Matterport 3D Portal

Share your models. The Matterport 3D Portal is a management and distribution platform for all of your 3D models. Access and organize your scan jobs and models, collaborate with your team, share models with clients, and publish models to the general public. All of your scans are uploaded into the folder you designate for each user.

  • Matterport Portal Privacy Controls

    Control Who Sees What When

    Permissions allow you to assign editors and viewers and control who sees which models. You have the power to share while protecting your privacy.

  • Matterport .obj

    Manage Workflow

    Matterport provides all the tools you need to work with your models. Download media and meta-data. Download, edit, and re-upload models.

  • Create photos and videos from Matterport models

    Create Media

    Your Matterport 3D Model enables you to capture snapshots from any perspective and soon will automate the generation of 3D fly-through videos. 

Matterport Player

Be there. From anywhere. The beauty of Matterport is that once a space has been scanned by the camera and processed in the Matterport Cloud, anybody can interact with the model. And not just interact—but become fully immersed in a model as if they were physically in the space. It is possible to see a space from any perspective, to walk around or “fly through” it, to take measurements, leave annotations, and take snapshots —all from a web browser. Coming soon, this functionality will also be possible via mobile apps.

  • Matterport is cloud based. Supports IE, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox

    Cloud Based and Easy

    No software or training required. Just a simple game-like interface to interact with your model. Send a link and anyone can access your model.

  • Matterport iPad App

    A Space in the Palm of Your Hands

    Flow through the model and see anything from any perspective. Seamlessly move from a floor-plan to a 3D dollhouse to walking from room to room.

  • Matterport Player

    Intuitive Tools

    Use Matterport’s simple tools to take measurements, leave notes, or create snapshots from any location or perspective.

Matterport Studio

Coming soon: design tools. Matterport Studio Apps will allow you to make changes to your model through simple web and mobile apps. Immerse yourself and move through a visually rich combination of elements—such as surfaces and furniture—from both the current space and the space you imagine. Try different combinations and quickly toggle between them. Make unexpected discoveries that can only come from the sensation of being in the space. You might realize, “The paint in the living room looks great, but when I saw it from the entryway I realized the colors clash.” Matterport Studio Apps let you see if items fit into the physical space, as well as fitting into the design aesthetic you are creating.

  • Matterport Studio

    Change Anything

    With a click of the mouse or a flick of your finger, you can instantly make changes to the look of your space. Save different combinations into designs.

  • Leave Comments on Models in Matterport Studio

    Collaborate and Share

    Add notes with questions, comments or suggestions. Approve plans. Gone are the days when a project member will say “Well, I haven’t been there.”

  • Matterport, Calculate Costs

    Estimate Project Costs Visually

    See a worksheet detailing estimated costs for every design you’re considering. See whether you’re on budget and how exactly your money is being allocated.