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Powered by Matterport

Powered by Matterport

Multivista has partnered with Matterport to offer a next-generation interactive construction documentation experience, built on Matterport.

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Faster and more complete than 3D laser scanning

The Matterport Pro2 3D Camera captures 2D photography and 3D data from job sites, and automatically stitches them into a complete, immersive 3D model of a real-world job site. Take this 3D model and annotate, share, and export the point cloud to Autodesk ReCap® or Revit®.

Quicker than 3D laser scanning, more complete than handheld 3D scanners.


Each 360º sweep takes less than a minute. Scans are automatically registered and stitched into a textured mesh in hours.


Our 3D scanning process is push-button simple. No registration markers and no manual alignment required. Everything is automatic!


Scanning is not only quick but also accurate enough to generate point clouds and polygons for as-builts and construction documentation.


*Under normal operating conditions. De-calibration, abnormal temperatures and other factors may reduce accuracy.

How it works

Incredible easiness is what sets Matterport apart from others. Get a Matterport Space for your job sites in 3 simple steps:

  1. Scan your job site

    If you can operate an iPad, you can operate a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera.

    Scanning 5,000 square feet (464 square meters) typically takes under an hour.

    No leveling, registration markers, or manual alignment required.

    3D construction documentation with an actual on-site model
  2. Upload your data

    With one click, upload your data to the cloud.

    Our powerful vision pipeline automatically aligns and stitches your 2D and 3D data into a complete textured mesh that's as real as being on-site.

    Make notes about key areas to revisit with a 3D construction model
  3. Annotate, share, measure

    It's easy to tag locations with more info and even create a visual punchlist. Then share a link and stakeholders can explore the 3D Space right from their web browser.

    Finally, export assets (point cloud, reflected ceiling and floor plan images, 3D mesh file, 2D photos, and more) and continue working in other software that you already use.

    Scanning 3D with actual construction models
3D laser scanning construction documentation accessible across different channels.


With a few quick scans, Matterport gives you everything you need for milestone documentation. With 2D photography and 3D data, Matterport Spaces are the best way to keep track of key project milestones and immediately assess project status.

Scanning 3D sites with an actual Matterport model


3D laser scanning construction documentation used to take a dedicated, highly-trained operator with a LiDAR camera. Now with the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera, 3D scanning is simple enough for anyone. Existing engineers can pick it up in minutes, speeding up the documentation process and keeping costs low.

  • Delivery in hours
  • Completely immersive
  • Real-world dimensions
  • Easy sharing with a link
  • Highlight and annotate
  • Export point clouds

Ready to get started?

You can 3D scan your projects tomorrow.
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