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2017 Halloween Contest Winners Announced

Check out these winning Spooky Spaces...

Most Views

Winner: Egli Makridaki, Qbeetec LTD | Berengaria the Haunted “Hotel of Kings”

The Berengaria Hotel is found in the village of Prodromos near Limassol, Cyprus. Opening in 1931, the stone-built Berengaria Hotel was a luxury mountain resort that catered to notable visitors like Pharouk, the King of Egypt and Ezer Vaisman, president of Israel. The resort closed down in 1984 and has been plagued by haunted ghost sightings and stories ever since. Read the story of the Space via the Multimedia Mattertag™ Posts!

Best Decorated

Winner: Steve Tibbe, Real Space | The Haunt Black Light

The Haunt is a haunted house attraction found in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Operating since 2001, The Haunt offers 20,000 square feet of spooky, terrifying, and horrifying entertainment. This Matterport Space is a preview of the blacklight wing of the haunted house.


Most Creative

Winner: Paul Oliver, Media Picture | Saint Leonard’s Church, Streatham

Saint Leonard’s Church, Streatham is found in the Streatham district of London, England. Named after the patron saint of prisoners, the current St. Leonard’s includes artifacts from both the 14th century and the Victorian era. The church’s crypt features spooky undertones with steel-barred cells and dimly lit stone hallways.


Congratulations to our winners!!