Nahecopter embraces Matterport Technology


Who are Nahecopter?

Nahecopter is a German photography company, creating professional aerial photographs and videos using drones and multicopters. The company provides Matterport 3D scans for industrial sites, government organizations like the German Red Cross, and police and disaster management units, under the label 3DScan360.

The Challenge: A Superior 3D Experience

Before becoming Matterport Service Providers, Nahecopter had already done some 3D models by photogrammetry and using drones, however, they wanted to give their users an advanced 3D experience. This was realized with the help of Matterport.

    The results?

    Matterport provided Nahecopter with the possibility to create 3D models and 3D walkthroughs in a time efficient and easy to use way. The use of Matterport’s services proved a very big step for the disaster management industries, especially benefitting paramedics, firemen, and police officers.

    Key Benefits

    • Gained new customers

    • High ROI: the costs returned within 8 weeks

    • Completely new way of showing buildings

    • Cutting-edge developments in disaster management

    Take a look at the German Red Cross' webpage to see how Paramedics are being trained with the Matterport system to get a fast overview at a scene.

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