360 Placement in the New Workshop


Scan in ‘360º View’ Mode

In case you didn’t know, a 360º View is a type of scan possible with your Matterport camera. 360º Views are like a normal 3D scan but they only capture visual data and not depth data.

360º Views do not contribute to the dollhouse and are not automatically connected to other scan positions. They are great for:

  • Outdoor views like the curb, pool, backyard, patio, etc

  • Areas with no 3D data to attach to (such as bases on a baseball field)

  • Areas with lots of sunlight

  • Other areas that are difficult to scan

Learn more about 360º Views.


Place Your 360º Views (Beta)

A new feature we’ve recently built is the ability to manually place your 360 Views. Now your 360º Views appear naturally as part of the virtual tour. Check it out:

You can place 360º views in the Capture app right now as part of a public beta. In September, you can do the same in the new Workshop for spaces you’ve already uploaded. Check it out:

Need more instructions?

First, have you uploaded the model to the cloud yet?


A New Platform for Workshop

If you haven’t noticed yet, this feature does not use the current Workshop. Over the past year our engineers, designers, and product managers have been hard at work creating a new version of Workshop! Key benefits include:

  • Faster load time
    • Loads faster so you can start editing right away. Time is money!
    • Load time is the same as opening 3D Showcase to explore a space normally.


  • Quickly preview changes
    • Instantly switch between View Mode and Edit Mode.
    • See how it will actually appear to visitors before you publish changes.


  • New visual design
    • A UI/UX refresh adds both simplicity and beauty to the editing process.


  • Designed for the future
    • We’ve done a lot of work behind the scenes to reorganize the underlying code.
    • While this is mostly invisible to you as an end-user, going forward this means a strong platform for more features in the future.


Click the pen icon in the bottom-right to open the current Workshop and access other features (Mattertags, Highlight Reel, Start Position, etc).


Behind the Scenes

The new Workshop depends heavily on the new version of 3D Showcase, ie the web player you normally use to explore Matterport. In fact, it’s just a simple extension of the 3D Showcase player!

Admins, please make sure to enable the new 3D Showcase version in  my.matterport.com/settings  if you want to beta the new workshop.

Note: We’re continuing to test and refine the new version of 3D Showcase. Because the virtual tour is such a core part of the 3D experience, we want to make sure the player works well for all spaces (including very large spaces) before it becomes the default web player.


Moving Forward

This is an exciting time. The public beta for 360º View Placement on the new Workshop starts now. We will expand the beta over time and eventually add all of the current Workshop features into the new platform.

Again, we’re really excited about the new Workshop as it will load faster (saving you time!) and make it even easier to create rich, unique 3D experiences.

Send us your feedback! We thrive on compliments and constructive feedback. It guides our development so we can build a better product for you and all our users. Thank you!



Product Manager, Matterport

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