Taking Flight with Matterport and Insta360



The power of flight; by in large, it’s something that’s dreamt about by many but ultimately reserved for only the few. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum in Compton, CA is one such exception as it offers after-school programs as an affordable pathway to becoming a pilot or aircraft engineer.

The ability to harness the power of 3D visuals is also something that’s been largely limited to the few, that is until now. As Matterport 3D opens it availability to select 360 cameras and capability (including free subscriptions for beginners) to bring tomorrow’s visuals even further into today’s world, what better a place to give this vision its first flight than here, where youths bring their vision to reality every day.

"Matterport 3D models + Insta360 is really a game changer at so many different levels. Technology is really the key and this combination...it's like a match made in heaven."  - Robin Petgrave, Pilot and Educator


An immersive learning experience into the history and technology of aviation is what participants in "Positive Vibrations Outreach Program" can expect and Matterport is excited to play a role in making it even more possible. Get a feel for the experience yourself by exploring the space where it all takes place.

The applications of immersive 3D models such as this one are spreading across industries and creating differentiation through unique virtual experiences. It's all part of Matterport's mission of 3D Capture for All in capturing attention and growing awareness for businesses and individuals alike. Contact Matterport and share your story to see how adding the power of next-generation visuals can help your goals lift off. 


Topics:  3D media  airplane  models 
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