Three properties that deserve virtual tours


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Three properties that deserve virtual tours

Our obsession with property goes far beyond house prices. Check the national press any day of the week and you’ll discover another dignitary selling up, moving in or jetting off to a fabulous holiday home. Many of us like nothing better than flicking through photographs of their palatial penthouses and palaces but we can’t help thinking that the experience could be taken to the next level.

These three properties made the headlines recently and each one failed to feature a virtual tour. The world would have loved a fully immersive experience to satisfy its insatiable level of property curiosity but the details fell short.

1000 Museum, Miami - David and Victoria Beckham were recently snapped visiting a $43.5 million apartment at 1000 Museum – the prestigious residential skyscraper in Miami designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. The soaring building is home to some of the most palatial properties in America, with panoramic views, a private helipad, wellness centre and spa, bank-quality vault with individual security boxes, aquatics centre, sunbathing desk and sky lounge. Together with the luxuriously specified homes, 1000 Museum would yield a set of inspiring virtual tours guaranteed to impress potential residents around the world. Although a plethora of still photographs and a handful of videos exist, there isn’t anything truly interactive online.

The Cambridge’s Mustique holiday hideaway – the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge managed to slip off to the tropical island of Mustique unnoticed and it was only after their return that news broke of where they stayed. Villa Antilles is a colonial-style four-bedroom property with its own infinity pool, Jacuzzi, great room, dining room, study and multiple outdoor terraces. While there is an online image gallery and a video, sadly there is no virtual tour. In fact, there are no virtual tours attached to any of The Mustique Company’s private holiday villas. This denies the island’s official management company the opportunity to integrate its properties with more detailed information about its services, the luxury lifestyle it offers and the island’s spectacular features.

Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds’s new house – the UK’s new Prime Minister may have the right to live at No. 10 Downing Street but the leader has just secured a Victorian townhouse in Camberwell, London. The four-bedroom property, which is reputed to be worth £1.4 million, has been shown in the press but the rather lackluster photographs didn’t give a sense of the size and scale of the property. We’d really love to be able to fully explore Boris’s new home, and a virtual tour would give us clues as to the style of property our new Prime Minister likes.

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