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Automated Social Content: The Advent of Teaser Videos

One of our main objectives at Matterport is to help our users tell the stories of the Spaces they capture with our system. In this way, we help you better engage the audiences you are targeting, whether it be home buyers, commercial real estate lessees, vacation goers, property inspectors, or others.  

With this spring’s release of Multimedia Mattertag™ Posts (MMPs), Matterport Spaces have taken on a much greater richness and depth. Users can now embed over 400 types of rich media supported by Embedly.

The response to MMPs was exciting and, as you all were all digesting and deploying this new storytelling option, we were in our labs quietly working on the next evolution of our software- to make it easier than ever to share and distribute your Spaces. Our very simple goal, to help our customers draw their customers into 3D showcase. We wanted to help you spark people’s curiosity to click into and explore your Spaces.

We asked ourselves: If Matterport Spaces are dynamic experiences similar to feature length films, could we automatically create a promotional teaser to draw audiences into the theater?

Today, we’re pleased to announce teaser videos! Teaser videos are short, 10-15 second animated teasers, created for each Space, showing off both an Inside View and the Dollhouse. As an added bonus, we are also providing smaller, shorter GIFs for each Space as well!

See an example of a teaser video below:

We’re creating teaser videos for every Matterport Space submitted since early May 2017, for all customers. That means if you captured something recently, teaser videos have already been included for those Spaces.

We built teaser videos to help you proliferate your content on social media and on other digital channels. Matterport users can post them to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, include them on your websites, or an MLS, email them to clients, and more - all to drive additional traffic to your business. Teaser videos offer previews of your Spaces in order to help you drive engagement.   

Best of all, teaser videos are delivered automatically in your Matterport Cloud page, and require absolutely no effort from you.

The magic behind teaser videos: Machine Learning!

After months of experimentation and development, our Computer Vision team has succeeded in using machine learning to automatically recognize desirable views of a Space, and create teaser videos from those views.  

Using machine learning (also sometimes referred to as “Deep Learning”) to achieve our goal is quite interesting, so we wanted to share it with you.

In order to generate teaser videos, our deep learning algorithms automatically assigns a room-type label to each section of the scan. Then our advanced computer vision algorithms identify the most appropriate combination of a scan position within the room and specific field of view within that scan position for generating the best view for a user. Finally, we move the camera in the space through the sequence of best views, resulting in production-ready videos.

No other company is capable of doing this; we’re excited to hear your thoughts and see the great results that teaser videos will produce. And with that, we’re going back into our labs to come up with the next big thing.