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Matterport to be publicly listed on NASDAQ  Read the News

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Back-to-School with a Virtual Open House

Smithdon High School Introduces Itself to New Students and Parents with 3D Tours

While back-to-school may have looked a little different this year, Smithdon High School in Hunstanton, UK, took a unique approach to welcoming new students and parents back to its campus. Smithdon worked with Insight UK to create a 3D tour of its entire campus, including its newly constructed Pendall Building with spaces for information and communications technology (ICT), food technology, and art.

Jack Coleman

Insight UK used a stunning combination of drone technology and Matterport to create a magnificent 3D tour of the entire Smithdon High School campus. Viewers are greeted with a sweeping aerial view of the entire campus and its surroundings all the way to the ocean. 

Each building has its own Matterport 3D tour with Mattertags providing more information about the school, including welcome videos from school faculty. As a result, the number of applications to Smithdon in 2020 has surpassed that of 2019.

To experience the full Smithdon High School 3D tour, visit here.

Smithdon High School


We connected with Jack Coleman, Sales Director at Insight UK to hear about how Smithdon High School was captured in 3D.

Q: What inspired the 3D capture of Smithdon High School?

The main inspiration for capturing Smithdon High School and the schools associated with Norwich Opportunity Area was to ease the anxieties that children face when joining a new school. Being able to know exactly where their classrooms are, where the toilets are and the teachers who they will be meeting helps make the pupils feel so much more comfortable. Also, it gives the opportunity to showcase the schools to prospective parents who are in the midst of choosing which school is most suitable for their child(ren). It shows the ethos of the school and exactly the level of education their child is expected to receive. 

Q: What have been the benefits of the 3D captures of these schools?

The benefits of being able to immerse yourself in the virtual tours are the fact that pupils are ready to start their first day at school with confidence knowing exactly what to expect. Also, giving parents the piece of mind that their child is in the best possible place to exceed their learning capabilities. 

Q: How have school faculty, parents and children been able to use the 3D models of the schools?

The virtual tours have been shared on various social media platforms as well as being emailed out to parents who have registered their interest with the schools. It also gamifies the experience for children looking at their new school. 

Q: What are the “must-sees” you want visitors to explore and why?

Personally, for Smithdon High School the brand new, multi-million pound Pendall Building is the highlight of the school. However, the Smithson Building, which is a Grade II listed space built in 1954, is also a big highlight. 

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

We’re always testing the boundaries of new technology. The fact we’re being able to help children transition into their new school means the world to us and also being able to help schools influence the decision making process parents go through is a big factor. 

Insight UK is based in Norwich, UK and specialises in immersing potential customers, clients and the public in Matterport 3D Matterport tours, award-winning videography and professional photography. 


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