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At Dubai’s Brass Monkey Social, you’re never too old for some monkey business

Unwrapped Media invites you to relive your youth with a virtual tour of this one-of-a-kind venue

Situated in Dubai’s iconic artificial Bluewaters Island, Brass Monkey Social takes adults back to a simpler time. The establishment’s arcade boasts a variety of activities, such as bowling and retro arcade games (think Donkey Kong and Street Fighter). The venue also offers more grown-up games like billiards and, not one to be left behind in the analog age, visitors can even enjoy their 21st-century virtual reality (VR) racing cars simulator!

With all that energy being spent, guests won’t be left hungry or thirsty as Brass Monkey Social treats visitors to a mouth-watering selection of bar snacks, appetizers, sit-down main courses, desserts, and, most importantly for adults, an extensive selection of cocktails.

Craig Jones

The ideal playground for adults, patrons are welcome to host events at Brass Monkey Social, from birthday parties to bachelorette parties and whatever else your heart may desire! The venue also hosts classic restaurant and bar events like taco Tuesdays, ladies’ nights, and a daily happy hour.

Recently, Unwrapped Media collaborated with Matterport to create a virtual tour of the space for online visitors. We caught up with Unwrapped Media’s managing director, Craig Jones, to find out more about Brass Monkey Social’s digital twin.

What inspired the 3D capture of this space? 

Brass Monkey Social was a brand new concept for Dubai’s iconic Bluewaters Island and, as a business, we [Unwrapped Media] saw the opportunity to pitch Matterport to Brass Monkey Social and show them what could be achieved through using virtual tours.

What are the “must-sees” you want visitors to explore and why? 

This space has many key areas that Brass Monkey Social wanted customers to be able to experience digitally across the venue’s two levels. Even as soon as you set foot in the entrance, there’s so much to see, from the amazing bowling lanes and arcade games area to the bar and restaurant. Not to mention the live band stage! 

Brass Monkey image 1

What’s the one thing you want visitors to take away after exploring your 3D tour?

We want people to see and truly appreciate the time and effort that has gone into producing this amazing and unique venue for customers and their friends and family. 

What are the benefits of Matterport digital twins?

The digital twin allows people to experience Brass Monkey Social before even stepping foot into the location. Potential customers are able to explore the venue when they’re planning the itinerary for their trip or holiday and the virtual tour helps them decide to include a visit on their to-do list.

Brass Monkey image 3

Do you have any plans to capture more 3D experiences?

Yes, we work with all the major hospitality groups here in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), digitally capturing their subsidiary establishments’ spaces to allow potential customers to explore them before making reservations and bookings. We also work with our property model with the major portals here in Dubai. 

Brass Monkey image 2

Anything else you would like to add?

Matterport is the “Rolls Royce” of virtual tours — there is no one else on the digital twin or virtual tour market that quite compares. We have loved working with Matterport for the past four years and we have enjoyed every step of our journey together so far! We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Matterport, and to delivering quality Matterport virtual tours to clients in Dubai, the UAE, GCC and around the world.


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