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Introducing Mattertag™ Posts

Change how you use Matterport Spaces to communicate with Mattertag™ Content, your way to add context to specific locations, objects, and features within your Spaces.

The first type of Mattertag Content is a Mattertag™ Post - a title and text description anchored right to a point in your Space.

Use Mattertag Posts to highlight key features within a Space, ask questions, and add context. You’ll see more, deeper engagement with your virtual content, and be able to leverage Matterport as a more effective marketing, workflow, and storytelling tool - no matter how you use your Spaces.



Mattertag Posts are now available to all Matterport customers, and can be created for new or existing Spaces.

Title, text, and you’re done!

Watch our quick how-to video below to learn how easy it is to annotate your Spaces.

And if you want more guidance, visit our Mattertag Posts support hub, and download this helpful Quick Start Guide PDF.

Your viewers are in control

We know that a clean UI is key to keeping your audiences engaged with your Spaces. That’s why we’ve given 3D Showcase viewers the ability to turn all Mattertag Posts in a Space on or off with a single click, right from the About Pane within a 3D Showcase.


Showcase features, not just properties

We can showcase all the features of a listing and help buyers make faster, more informed decisions on whether a home is right for them.” - Molly Braeunig, Senior Manager, Listing Programs at Redfin

For real estate professionals, Mattertag Posts are key to turning online visitors into open-house attendees. They enable listing agents to highlight key upgrades and hidden features simply, within a Space, without interrupting the exploration experience.

Commercial brokerages can use Mattertag Posts to get remote decision makers the information they need to sign a lease and prepare for move-in with limited on-site visits.

Ask questions in-situ

Mattertag Posts provide the ability for contributors to collaborate on new construction models in a virtual 24/7 open environment.” - Troy Rushing, President, ScenaVR

Teams that use Spaces as a workflow tool will find that they can ask questions, indicate pending changes, pinpoint project progress, and give specific notes to other teams. Mattertag Posts eliminate inefficient communication by letting team members communicate right within a Space, as if they were standing together on-site.

Tell stories about Space

We’re really excited about the opportunities presented by Mattertag Posts and the ability to add additional layers of information and context to our immersive stories” - Nathan Griffiths, Interactive Editor, Associated Press

Telling stories about real locations has never felt so complete. Short, engaging, memorable Mattertag™ Posts add context to Spaces, turning them into a storytelling and audience engagement tool like no other.

Give your audience one more reason to stick around and discover.

More to come...

Mattertag Posts are the first type of Mattertag Content, a complete system of anchoring rich media, like links, photos, and video, to points in 3D space. We can’t wait to see how content creators use Mattertag Posts to take their Spaces farther.

Explore more Spaces with Mattertag Posts on our feature page!