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Capture Options lineup - mobile, 360 cameras, Pro2, Leica, Capture Services

Capture on your terms

Take any space online — from homes to high-rises, one-room layouts to complicated floor plans. You can now create a digital twin with a wide array of cameras and our mobile apps (available on iOS and Android.) We’ll even take care of it for you with Matterport Capture Services™.


Matterport for Mobile
360 Cameras
Matterport Pro2
Leica BLK360
Capture Services

Scan with an iOS or Android device

Quick, portable, entry-level 3D scanning

Best-in-class, all-inclusive 3D capture system

Specialized high-accuracy 3D reality capture

Professional 3D capture of your space by a technician

Great for

Getting 3D straight from your pocket, wherever you are

Scanning small spaces or rooms

Economical, portable, rapid space capture

Creating highest-quality 3D scans with unlimited 4K photography

Long battery life for multiple scans per day

Scanning large or outdoor spaces with 2K imagery

Small and large businesses needing a service that provides quick turnaround scans at the highest quality


Good to Very Good

Moderate to Very Good





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iOS capture

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Android capture

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Outdoor quality

Good to great outdoor image quality (depends on device)

Good outdoor image quality

Best outdoor image quality

Best performance in sunlight, best range

Best outdoor image quality


Capture Ubiquity: Which Camera and Why?
Webinar: Start your 3D capture journey

Matterport’s in-house expert Amir Frank leads a 30-minute deep dive into the full selection of Matterport compatible devices. We introduce the latest 360 cameras to join the line-up, discuss the newly available Capture App for Android devices, and share top tips on what to use, when, and why!

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Matterport for Android is here
Get the complete Matterport experience with just the phone in your pocket. Now available on Android.

Ready when you need it

Use your mobile device to capture any space and turn your photos into an immersive 3D digital twin to share with friends, family, and colleagues.

Great quality scan on your mobile device


Works with all subscription plans


Available for iOS and Android devices



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iPhone and Samsung Galaxy
  • Download and start scanning right away
  • 3D capture your space, with any device
  • Share, embed, and post to social media
  • Publish to Google Street View,,, and Vrbo
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Fast & Convenient

360° cameras are perfect for quickly capturing small to medium-size spaces when the highest accuracy is not required.

Dimensional accuracy within


Works with all subscription plans.
Available today on Amazon.
360 Camera Family
  • 360° photo resolution at 14–23 megapixels
  • Great for capturing small homes, condos, and apartments
  • Perfect for promoting vacation and nightly property rentals, or small businesses
  • Flexible designs and fast processing
  • Matterport’s powerful Cortex AI transforms 2D imagery into 3D spaces automatically



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High-quality & accurate

The Pro2 Camera is the gold standard for 3D capture. It’s perfect for simple residential to large and complex commercial spaces. No camera captures as much detail with the speed of the Pro2, while delivering exceptional dimensional accuracy and stunning image quality.

Accurate within


Works with our Professional and Business plans.
Starting at $3,395 $2,395.
pro2 camera
  • 134 megapixels and 3D accuracy
  • Perfect for homes, apartments, hotels, commercial buildings
  • Durable texture black plastic enclosure
  • Long lasting battery
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Specialized & Precise

The Leica BLK360 is for professionals in architecture, engineering, and related industries. It captures spaces with the highest accuracy, enabling the most detailed point cloud files.

Accurate within


Works with our Professional and Business plans.
Leica image
  • 34 megapixels, 3-camera system
  • Highest level of 3D accuracy (150 megapixel full-dome capture)
  • Great for large spaces or outdoor locations
  • LIDAR-based camera


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Professionally captured for you

Capture your entire portfolio of spaces with our network of professional Capture Technicians. Flexible ordering options and support are available for small, or large-scale spaces.

Increase visibility



Works with our Starter, Professional, and Business plans.

Tablet with Capture Services technician using Pro2 camera
  • Captured for you
  • Top quality Pro2 Camera
  • Elite 3D Capture Technician
  • Immersive 3D digital twin
  • Good for small or large spaces
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Includes 24 hour cancellation