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Your world, captured by us

Creating digital twins of your buildings couldn't be easier or simpler. Our highly-skilled Capture Technicians™ are available to scan any building, property, or space. Within a short time, you'll receive an immersive 3D model and a whole new perspective on your space. 

Enter Matterport Capture Services™ — let us capture your buildings for you.

Labor Day Special for Capture Services On-Demand

Digitize your properties remotely and quickly. Schedule on-demand a Captured Service Technician™ before September 30, 2021 with a Matterport plan, and enjoy a 25% discount.

You book it. We'll capture it.

3D digital twins delivered to you

Matterport Capture Technicians are available to capture your space for you. Schedule a scan on-demand in your area or check out our Enterprise plans for volume pricing.

Capture Services Available On-Demand

Simply order a 3D digital twin of your space to be captured by an experienced Capture Technician.

With just a few clicks and a Matterport plan, you can schedule a professional scan of your property. We'll send the final 3D model to your email. Capture Services for On-Demand is currently available in select locations in the U.S.

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Capture Services for Enterprise

Capture your entire portfolio of spaces with our network of professional Capture Technicians. We ensure the scans of your property deliver high-quality, accurate 3D digital twins.

Flexible ordering options and upgraded support are available for enterprises with complex, recurring, or large-scale space captures.  

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Shop Talk 19: Capture Services
Webinar: Capture Services

Are you looking to scan a large number of properties without needing to purchase cameras or train personnel? Watch this webinar to learn about Matterport Capture Services from Gabe Davis, our Senior Product Manager, and Elizabeth Fabozzi, our Sr. Product Marketing Manager.

How we work

It’s simple — we help businesses with a lot of buildings in a lot of places get more value out of their properties. Our Matterport Capture Technicians™ are ready to meet you anywhere to accurately scan any space. Now all your properties can be online and unlocked without investing in additional training or equipment. 

Just tell us where to go—and we’ll take care of the rest.

What you get

Matterport leads the industry with its 3D scan technology. Our Capture Coordinators will manage the logistics, while our Capture Technicians will find the best way to scan your space. Our team can handle any floorplan, any footprint, and any type of property.

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High-quality 3D models delivered fast

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A fully scalable solution to suit your business

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A predictable pricing structure to meet your needs

Why it matters

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With a 3D model of your buildings, the possibilities become endless. Collaboration, management and operations become infinitely easier. Our growing suite of systems and tools allow you to automate workflows and create new experiences. You can work in a world where your buildings are always open and always accessible.

See the difference Capture Services can make

What does it cost?

Capture Services On-Demand pricing is based on space size and the area rate for your Capture Technician.

Small spaces


1–4,000 ft2

Medium spaces


4,000–13,000 ft2

Large spaces


13,000–30,000 ft2

Find a Capture Technician for your property

It's simple to find a Capture Technician to scan your property. New regions are being added regularly!

A team you can count on

Our Capture Technicians have years of 3D photography experience, giving them the skills they need to provide the best quality scans. Their dedication and expertise ensures your business will get the most value out of your 3D models.

Meet Capture Tech

Carlos Hernandez

Carlos Hernandez - Cap Tech - 260x260

“Matterport is an essential part in businesses operating where customers must go to a physical location. Capture services is helping the consumer get comfortable with physical locations before they get there.“

2200 models created_ Cap Svcs
6 years of experience - Cap Svcs
6 Pro2 cameras owned - Cap Svcs
Want to be a Matterport Capture Technician?

FAQs about Capture Services

Is a Matterport subscription required to use Capture Services?

Yes. Capture Services can only be ordered from a Matterport Cloud account with a Starter, Basic (Classic), Professional (Classic), Business (Classic), Professional, Professional Plus, Business, or Business Plus plan.

How long does it take to capture a space?

A time estimate for the capture is provided when you submit the details of your property. Capturing a space depends on the size and complexity of the property. For example, furnished properties take longer to scan than vacant properties, and the smaller the space, the faster the capture.

Estimated capture time

  • 1-4,000 sq. ft. : 1-3 hours
  • 4,000-10,000 sq. ft. : 2-5 hours
  • 10,000-30,000 sq. ft. : 5-8 hours


How do Capture Technicians capture my space?

All Capture Technicians use the  Matterport Pro2 3D camera. Ideal for scanning spaces of any size, the Pro2 delivers digital and print-ready 4K high-resolution images and 3D data with 99% accuracy that can be used to generate Schematic Floor Plans and other 3D add-ons. 

How do I access my models after my property is captured?

Once scanning is completed,  the Capture Technician will finetune the model and upload the completed project to the customer's Matterport Cloud account. Customers will receive notification that the digital twin of their space is available, and can be used to generate guided tours, export high-quality photos, and order add-ons like Floor Plans.

What if I'm not satisfied with the quality of a capture?

Please contact our support team at to review your capture and set up a new appointment.