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Dry Patrol helps insurance adjusters resolve claims faster with 3D capture

Efficiency and speed are core values of restoration companies helping commercial and residential property owners recover from a disaster. But working with insurance carrier adjusters to address disputes can be complex and slow.

Derron Oakley, Partner at Dry Patrol, the top fire damage, mold removal, and water remediation company in the Cincinnati and Dayton area, explains one of the company’s keys to success is working within an insurance carrier’s individual estimation processes and documentation needs.

Matterport helps Dry Patrol outpace the competition.

Dry Patrol’s primary source of documentation is no longer 2D photos and manual measurements. Capturing 3D models of property damage with the Matterport Pro2 Camera and sharing the documentation with insurance companies enables the company to outpace the competition, providing a complete snapshot of reality that all stakeholders can rely on.

Dry Patrol documents each stage of restoration with 3D capture.

“We use the Matterport Pro2 Camera to document pre-mitigation and post-mitigation conditions with our equipment in place, enabling insurance companies to virtually walk-through a property every step of the restoration process,” Oakley said. “With the Matterport Cloud, we can reference accurate measurements form the models, and auto-generate floor plans to share with insurance companies in Xactimate.”

For Dry Patrol, 3D documentation eliminated most of the questions from insurance companies inquiring about the mitigation strategy, equipment used, and pre-existing conditions.

Dry Patrol delights adjusters with accurate 3D documentation for all.

“It is a cost-effective way to collect and share documentation with everyone involved in the claim,” Oakley said. “Some adjusters are covering the costs of capturing 3D models because it’s reducing the time they previously invested traveling to losses to document and validate the work.”

Agreement on accurate documentation expedites the entire restoration process for customers. “The best part Matterport 3D capture is the efficiency in helping our customers get back on their feet, faster,” Oakley said.