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SHP Models for Success with 3D Capture

SHP, a trusted architectural practice with a 119-year legacy in k-12, higher education, workplace, and community design, turned to Matterport to improve their documentation of as-built conditions and construction milestones.

Today, SHP uses the Matterport Pro2 camera to comprehensively document an existing campus. “We can confidently return to the office, knowing we can reference the Matterport 3D model to revisit the site and grab dimensions throughout the project,” Vern Hendrickson, Director of Technology and BIM Manager at SHP said.

Matterport helps SHP reduce site visits.

Before using Matterport, SHP surveyed campuses and workplaces by taking measurements and 2D photographs. “Inevitably, we would need to return to the campus to gather measurements and details we missed onsite,” Hendrickson said.

SHP transforms BIM with 3D Capture

Traditional survey techniques didn’t provide the complete, contextual intelligence SHP needed or the ability to model future phases of campuses.

Now, SHP uses the Matterport Cloud to export point clouds into the Autodesk suite of software to kickstart modeling.

“We can model from the point cloud in Revit --- or we can verify our designs by overlaying the point cloud,” Hendrickson explained. “Integrating the point cloud into the Revit model significantly improves our modeling workflow.”

SHP estimates design projects with greater accuracy.

In the past, SHP returned to sites multiple times to document missing data that informed the scope of work and estimates. “The data we can access with our 3D models in the Matterport Cloud reduces our site visits and improves the accuracy of our estimates to better serve our clients,” Hendrickson said.

3D documentation help SHP resolve questions faster.

Hendrickson credits Matterport with helping SHP to consistently revisit 3D models, addressing questions throughout a project: Can we leave a ceiling in place? What part of the structure was in good condition? What will the campus look like if we keep the concrete intact?

“The data we can access from our 3D models in the Matterport Cloud enables us to improve designs based on intelligence we now have at our fingertips,” Hendrickson said.

Matterport 3D models help SHP innovate and grow.

Improved documentation, powered by Matterport, is essential to SHP’s growth, according to Hendrickson. “The reduction in the number of site visits for documentation is incredibly important to our bottom line,” he said. “The accuracy of the information we access in Matterport enables our staff of BIM experts to create better models that will serve our clients’ long term vision.”