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Essential features to capture and customize your twin.

3D Cameras, Matterport App & Capture Services

Easily capture your space yourself. Or, let us do it for you.

Create immersive 3D digital twins with a variety of camera options, including the phone in your pocket. And if you’d rather have someone else do the scanning, we can take care of it for you with Matterport Capture Services.
Remote Access & Sharing

Access and share your Digital Twin 24/7.

Share your model and related assets with anyone on any device.

Make decisions faster.

Collaborate with your team, vendors, and stakeholders from anywhere, and eliminate costly site visits.
Guided Tours & Tags

Craft a curated story about your space.

Create an immersive, guided experience by using captions to tell a story about your space. Add tags to draw your viewer’s attention to important points of interest.

Tailor the data you share with different groups.

Easily organize, share, and display data contained in your space with different groups by creating a unique view for each audience.
Trim & blur sensitive content

Make your space customer-ready.

Protect privacy, remove secure places from your digital twin, and create a cleaner customer touring experience.
Measurement Mode

Accurately measure anything in your space.

Save time and eliminate site visits. Check if furniture or equipment will fit a particular space—or through a doorway—all from your desktop or smartphone.

Extra services when you need them.

Services designed for industry professionals with specific project needs.

Additional costs apply.

Introducing Property Intelligence

Unlock AI-powered insights that accelerate your business.

  • Enterprise
Matterport's powerful and proprietary AI analyzes any property or portfolio at scale to produce insights tailored to your business needs.
Answer any question about your building — from accessibility to property condition — and use it to improve business operations, enhance customer experiences, and much more.
Schematic Floor Plan

Get 2D floor plans within 2 days.

  • Real estate agents
  • 3D photographers
  • Construction professionals
Save time, money, and hassle with Matterpot’s ready-to-use floor plans—available as PNG, PDF and SVG files within 2 business days.
Matterport TruePlan

Process insurance claims faster.

  • Insurance
  • Restoration
Delivered within 48 hours, TruePlan eliminates the need for manual sketching of properties, accelerates the estimation process and shortens claims cycles.
MatterPak Bundle & e57 File

Share Matterport data with third party applications.

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Construction professionals
Export point cloud, OBJ files, high-resolution floor plan and reflexed ceiling plan views into 3ds Max, ReCap, Revit or AutoCAD with a MatterPak bundle. The Matterport e57 file provides an end-to-end automated creation and registration process for a high density point cloud derived from a Matterport digital twin.
Autodesk Construction Cloud
Integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud

Collaborate on projects more efficiently with visual site context from digital twins.

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Construction professionals
Revolutionize traditional RFI processes with synced Matterport digital twin RFIs.
Users can create and track RFIs with a visual system-of-record of site conditions to resolve issues quickly without delay. Now, an Autodesk RFI pin can be placed at the exact area of concern, allowing any stakeholder on the project to view the RFI within the same site context, expediting coordination and reducing misunderstandings. 
BIM File

Create and share as-built files with third party applications.

With Matterport BIM files and The AutoDesk Revit™ integration, companies can order complete as-builts with the click of a button.
Experience VR

Explore 1000s of real-world places and experience Matterport spaces in VR with Meta Quest headsets.

Provide your customers with an amazing, immersive virtual experience of your digital twins. Directly access Matterport Digital Twins in Meta Quest 2 and Pro.