Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We don’t just value differences—we prefer them.

Our Commitment

As a global company, Matterport is committed to creating a diverse workforce reflective of our users, customers, and the communities where we live and work. "Achieving a diverse and inclusive workplace is a journey that requires action, trust, fairness, empathy, respect, transparency, and accountability. It’s the right thing to do and the only way to operate." - Qadira Harris, Senior Director, Global Responsibility at Matterport.

D&I - The importance of Employee Resource Groups.

The importance of Employee Resource Groups.

Sharing personal and professional experiences and your own identity is the first step for creating an inclusive culture. Our groups offer a safe platform to begin conversations and connect on a deeper level.
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Encourage and celebrate differences.

Every employee should feel valued, experience a sense of belonging, and be confident they can make a meaningful contribution as their authentic selves. We aim to recruit the best and the brightest, offer continuous learning and engagement, and foster open dialogue and feedback. Our policies and products are designed to be fair and inclusive with equity at the core.
D&I - Generating Connections

Generating Connection.

Bi-monthly, Matterpeeps come together to discuss global issues, momentous events or other high-profile topics that may lead to misunderstanding or division. These Courageous Discussions forums provide our Matterpeeps with the opportunity to share their feelings in a non-political, respectful atmosphere, while enabling them to learn from each other and understand different perspectives. Topics can range from current affairs to disability, neurodiversity and what it means to be an ally.
D&I - Providing opportunity.

Providing opportunity.

We value a diverse and inclusive workplace where employees are given opportunities to continue their development journey. Our EMERGE Program (Elevating Matterpeep’s Empowerment, Retention, Growth, and Excellence) expands underrepresented employees’ access to talent development to foster leadership skills and business acumen through a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens. This six-week program is open to employees who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and/​or identify as women or another marginalized gender. Through discussion, learning sessions, mentorship exposure, and group collaborations, our 18 participants in 2023 were able to grow professionally and make valuable connections with senior leadership and Matterpeeps from across the organization.

Building an inclusive Matterport.

A world-class workforce requires talented people from a variety of experiences - for culture add, not culture fit. Our goal is to create an inclusive workplace that brings out the best in each individual to build the best teams.

“Our ERG is a great approach to connect about disabilities or topics that we currently experience or may experience. It’s one of understanding, maintaining a positive outlook and adapting. It has helped me immensely and I hope to help others in the same way.”


ADAPT at Matterport Leader | Matterport

"I chose to be an ERG leader to help make a difference at Matterport and look forward to continuing to provide an environment where women can feel personally and professionally supported.”

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Women at Matterport Leader | Matterport

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Using data to provide insight.

We collect qualitative data through listening sessions and surveys to assess who makes up our organization. This information helps us identify potential opportunity gaps of a truly diverse workforce.

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Resources to support growth.

We offer employee resources to support each individual journey. Our self-guided toolkit includes Employee Resource Groups, an inclusion Slack channel devoted to informal discussions, and an internal inclusion site with key definitions, articles and more.

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Training to prepare our teams.

Beyond giving managers the tools they need to be inclusive leaders and execute diversity and inclusion goals, we also train all employees on how to recognize and respond to unconscious bias.

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We believe every employee should feel valued, experience a sense of belonging, and be confident they can make a meaningful contribution as their authentic selves. We’re proud of the many awards we have received including: Happiest Employees, Best Career Growth 2022, Best CEOs for Diversity 2022, and Best CEOs for Women 2022. Additional Comparably Awards received by Matterport can be found here. To learn more about our workplace, visit https://matterport.com/life-matterport.

Our social impact.

Our social impact programs exist to improve the lives of people. We recognize the power of technology and data. Together with our nonprofit partners we build innovative solutions to tackle some of society's biggest challenges. By leveraging our people, products and services, we aim to strengthen and empower communities through the following programs.

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