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Beyond real estate: the impact of Matterport’s 3D camera has surprising applications across every industry

Matterport’s recent collaborative event with WeWork put the spotlight on the role 3D technology has in the real estate industry, but the event revealed much more than that.

Beyond real estate: the impact of Matterport’s 3D camera has surprising applications across industries

Matterport’s recent collaborative event with WeWork put the spotlight on the role 3D technology has in the real estate industry, but the event revealed much more than that. While 3D cameras are undoubtedly playing an important role in transforming the real estate sector, the applications of a Matterport space can lead to exciting potentials, across a spectrum of unexpected industries. From shipping and engineering, to travel, safety and insurance, the possibilities of Matterport’s technology can open up previously unconsidered prospects, and offer more efficient, cost effective and practical solutions across a range of industries.

Adding better value to travel and hospitality sectors

Passenger service systems are integral to all major passenger carrier services, including airlines and other modes of transport. But by integrating Matterport into their model, it can add a closer look to the craft and environment on board, helping passengers choose the seat that is best suited for them, and enhancing the customer experience overall.

Guest speaker, Mohaymen Beshara, described the potential applications of Matterport within the transport sector. By scanning the environment of a plane, customers can have a more accurate idea of the space within, and choose the space that feels right for them. Similarly, for customers looking to travel by yacht or other modes of transport, a Matterport model can deliver a more realistic experience of being on-board, ultimately delivering better value by helping them make more informed and assured choices.

The benefits of giving customers a closer look at an environment can go far beyond real estate, or transport. For theatres, stadiums and concert venues, a 3D model can give buyers a clear insight into the view and experience they will find at different locations, boosting customer satisfaction by ensuring they can book with confidence.

Improving troubleshooting across engineering and construction sectors

For businesses in the engineering sector, integrating a Matterport model into the workflow can help to develop greater efficiency across workflows, by both enabling a better use of resources and creating new solutions to common issues. Beshara highlighted the applications of Matterport on an industrial scale, by applying the 3D technology inside an gas and oil rig and ship.

Capturing the details of all areas of the ship, particular smaller spaces with a greater amount of detail, can allow easier troubleshooting by allowing you to inspect and view areas or equipment in greater detail. This insight can be used to identify potentially problematic areas without the need to review the site in person, or work out solutions remotely.

This is echoed by the award winning British engineering firm, Hoare Lea, who presented the role and impact Matterport has had on their business, by allowing greater complexity and detail to be captured in an in-depth 3D model, exceeding the limited applications of tradition 2D drawings. With a vast amount of information captured through the 3D modelling processes, firms can reduce their dependency upon repeated site visits or extensive 2D drawings. Instead a full model can reveal and give the opportunity to explore a space, with minimal intrusion and reliance on the physical environment. This can help provide a more cost-effective solution, by cutting back the need to spend
extensive time and resources on site visits, as well as minimising the impact on the area.

By enabling users to integrate other media into a Matterport model, engineering and construction firms can also introduce further capabilities, turning a 3D model into an interactive document that can inform and assist other colleagues, customers and stakeholders. With an increasing level of accuracy, that can reach up to 99%, depending on the skill of the user, firms no longer need to rely on. And by creating an effective digital twin of any relevant property, this can allow engineering and construction firms to develop further applications throughout the technology.

Enabling more effective risk management and assessment

Within the risk management and insurance sectors, Matterport offers the unique opportunity to explore the scene of an event, long after its occurrence, or examine an area for potential risk factors that may lead to an accident. This can add invaluable insight into an event, through detailed and thorough capture of an environment.

For the specialist fire investigation firm, Fire Investigations UK, Matterport’s technology has made an invaluable contribution in the investigation of catastrophic events such as the Grenfell tower fire. Here, Matterport’s cameras were set up to capture the entire space across the building to create a rich and complex model. For investigators assessing a time sensitive site, this can prove to be a vital resource, allowing them to examine an area in depth, without reliance upon the actual space, which may not be readily accessible.

An existing Matterport model of a property can also prove to be an invaluable tool in investigations or disputes, when the cause of an accident may be difficult to identify, and this can be a useufl resource for insurance claims assessments. By capturing a detailed 3D model of a space, investigators are able to review the original condition and set up of a space, identify likely risk factors and rule out potential causes. By creating a more reliable model for risk and claims assessments, Matterport can lead the way for greater efficiency and accuracy, reducing the need for costly and limited additional assessments or models.

With the ability to capture any physical space, add on or adjust existing models, and create an accurate and realistic replication of virtually any environment, a Matterport model can become one of the most important assets for businesses in any industry. With an immense amount of information to be derived from them, Matterport can provide a rich resource to businesses, providing essential competitive advantages across a limitless range of applications.

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