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Women of Matterport: Meet Nicole Siegal Fuselier

From Estee Lauder to Matterport, with stops at Cisco and Adobe along the way, read about the exciting career journey of our Senior Director of Revenue Marketing

Not many people can say they were able to travel all over Europe at the age of 11 playing football, but Nicole Siegal Fuselier, Sr. Director of Revenue Marketing and Operations can.

Nicole kid photo

Growing up in Menlo Park, California, Nicole loved to play football and had the opportunity to travel internationally because of it. After spending a month in Europe to play in various tournaments, her love for football and experiencing other cultures was only magnified. 

“I did play football in college,” she said of her time in higher education at Clark University. “And I also received my business degree, both in business and business policy.” She dipped her toe in the business law side of things during her studies, but ultimately found her calling in marketing. 

Although she didn’t know it at the time, her passion for business marketing would lead her to find other interests in coaching, technology, driving revenue planning and organisational alignment.

Experimenting across industries  

During her junior year of college, Nicole interned for Estée Lauder in New York. “It was a really amazing experience,” she said. “But I will tell you, there was plenty of grunt work and you just do it. Everyone has to learn to pay their dues.” She had the opportunity to travel once again, learn more about the corporate world and dove headfirst into marketing. This internship eventually led to a full-time Estée Lauder marketing position back in California. 

“You know what I learned most right out of college? That I was still learning what I wanted to be when I grew up, and that it is okay,” she said. “In your early career, everybody’s still learning.” 

With that in mind, Nicole refined her marketing skills across architecture companies, dot coms and technology organisations. However, she was truly able to hone her marketing capabilities as a marketing manager at Cisco. She requested to manage the planning and operations for the Cisco advisory boards community. She said: “give me six months to show you what I can do.”

“I learned a lot from that experience. First, don’t be afraid to ask for something. And that a supportive manager is everything. She chose to support my goals even with my limited background in the function. It was the first time I experienced a female leader lift up another woman and give her a chance. I knew right then that she was the type of leader I wanted to be one day.”

Nicole was given six months to put her plan into action. She focused on turning Cisco’s highest revenue generating customers and partners into Cisco advocates. Nicole ran the Cisco Advisory Board community for over 10 years, became a recognised thought leader in the Fortune 500 Customer Advisory Board (CAB) community and won numerous awards for this global program. 

“My favourite parts were the people I got to work with and getting to know the customers so closely. At one point, we had over 14 Customer, Partner and Technical Advisory Boards around the world.”

Finding her niche in revenue marketing

After 13 years at Cisco, Nicole wanted to play a larger end-to-end role in the customer and revenue journey and joined InfoBlox to run Customer Marketing. A smaller company allowed her to get closer to customers, work directly with the sales team, lead the Customer Reference program, and launch the company's first advisory board community.


While there, Nicole developed a passion for Marketing Operations and data which led her to pursue a role at Jive Software as the Director of Customer Marketing. She had the opportunity to delve even deeper into the customer journey and focus on resolving customer data challenges with sales operations, partnering with Customer Success on onboarding, driving upsell campaigns, providing feedback to product teams and launching sales enablement tools. 

Customers are central to Nicole’s affinity with marketing, which led her to her next interest in the acquisition side. For three years, Nicole led Marketing Operations, Technology and Analytics at VIAVI Solutions, Inc. (a JDS Uniphase spinoff company).  Nicole worked with IT and Sales Ops to consolidate four different Salesforce instances and marketing automation tools. Nicole’s team also launched the VIAVI Solutions website, Partner Portal, Online Support Community, as well as campaign dashboards to drive business goals and revenue targets. 

Nicole joined Magento to broaden her expertise in B2C and SaaS Marketing. At Magento, Nicole drove the commerce integrated marketing plan and set targets to drive revenue. She also improved the marketing-to-sales automation implementation, fixing activity source attribution gaps, partnered with Business Development Representatives and Inside Sales on MQL to SQL scoring, and launched new predictive modelling to drive growth. It is here that Nicole felt there must be a better way for Marketing and Sales to share revenue goals. 

The road to Matterport

When Adobe acquired Magento in 2018, Nicole was presented with the opportunity to run Campaign Marketing for Document Cloud, which included its Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Sign products. While there, Nicole got to see how social influencer programs can drive trials and SaaS bookings. Adobe also reminded Nicole of Cisco with its big company culture, multiple layers of leadership and a marketing centre of excellence model and realised she missed the scrappiness and faster go to market motions that smaller companies can provide. “One of the things I love about being part of a smaller company is being able to get things done quickly and see the impact,” Nicole said. 

At Matterport, Nicole leads Revenue Marketing and Operations and works very closely with the Sales, Business Development, Channel and Customer Success organisations. Nicole has been able to explore her enthusiasm for revenue marketing with a team that is receptive to her ideas. 

“The things that I’m most passionate about when it comes to revenue marketing is the alignment across the teams.” Nicole believes that marketing and sales should both own a revenue number and share targets. 

One of the first things Nicole did was change the paid media Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) to Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) and saved the company over 700K while still hitting the targets. “I can buy MQLs all day long and spend tons of money, but to support sales and bookings, it's better for Matterport if marketing focuses on closing deals versus hitting a MQL target.” 

Nicole believes the days of marketing owning MQLs and sales driving SQLs are over. “Let's stop the finger pointing and focus on winning together.” 

Throughout her career, Nicole has learned to lead with a sense of humour while being direct with her plan of action. “I think humour is something that removes barriers,” she said. “I’ve learned that being direct helps people get into a forward motion, and this momentum can turn small wins into larger team accomplishments.” This is something Nicole brings to the table at Matterport every day. Under Nicole’s leadership the marketing team went from not hitting attribution targets to nailing them three quarters in a row.

Nicole's son

When Nicole isn't being a marketing wizard, she spends time with her husband and son who are part of an active Boy Scouts troop, as well as her dad and his new puppy, Reggie. She's also an active advocate for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation to help improve the quality of life of children and adults affected by these digestive diseases.

Stay tuned to learn more about the hardworking and talented women of Matterport in our next instalment. In the meantime, enjoy reading about Nicole’s favourite program: How Matterport Virtual Walkthroughs can Help Schools Reopen with Confidence

“Right now Matterport is in a position to be able to give back to our communities. Nothing is more important than helping schools reopen safely and giving teachers, parents and students peace of mind. It makes me proud that Matterport is offering free year SaaS plans and scanning to schools in North America right now.”

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