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Matterport launches program for Partners to build & commercialize apps and integrations. Learn more

Sales: +44(0)2038 747580

Matterport launches program for Partners to build & commercialize apps and integrations. Learn more

Sales: +44(0)2038 747580

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We’re committed to the journey

As a global company, Matterport is committed to creating a diverse, multicultural workforce reflective of our users, customers, and the communities where we live and work.  Diversity drives innovation and increases productivity.

Encourage and celebrate differences

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Every employee should feel valued, experience a sense of belonging, and be confident they can make a meaningful contribution as their authentic selves.

We aim to recruit the best and the brightest, offer continuous learning and engagement, and foster open dialogue and feedback. Our policies and products are designed to be fair and inclusive with equity at the core.


Achieving a diverse and inclusive workplace is a journey that requires action, trust, fairness, empathy, respect, transparency, and accountability. It’s the right thing to do and the only way to operate.

Qadira Harris

Senior Director, Global Responsibility
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We don’t just value differences. We prefer them.

Employee Resource Groups at Matterport

Sharing personal and professional experiences and your own identity is the first step for creating an inclusive culture. Our groups offer a safe platform to begin conversations and connect on a deeper level.

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Building a more inclusive Matterport

A world-class workforce requires talented people from a variety of experiences - for culture add, not culture fit. Our goal is to create an inclusive workplace that brings out the best in each individual to build the best teams. 

Data-driven approach

Qualitative data is collected through listening sessions and surveys help us to understand what we can do to build a more inclusive Matterport. We also assess who makes up our organization to identify potential opportunity gaps of a truly diverse workforce. 

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Resources to support your journey

We are all in different places on our journey, so we offer employee resources to support each individual journey. Our self-guided toolkit includes Employee Resource Groups, an Inclusion Slack channel devoted to informal discussions, and an internal Inclusion site with key definitions, articles, challenges, and quizzes. These efforts are designed to inspire positive growth in all of us.

Training to prepare our teams

Beyond preparing managers with the tools they need to execute Diversity and Inclusion goals within their teams, we also train all employees on how to recognize and respond to Unconscious Bias. 

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