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3D for Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Whether you work in architecture, engineering, or construction, you'll be able to streamline documentation, 3D scan as-builts, and collaborate with ease. With Matterport, you can also reduce costs and help save the most precious commodity — your time.


agree that reality capture is the future of AEC


agree a 3D walkthrough is better to communicate job site status

Matterport BIM file
Create BIM files from your space — it’s faster, easier, and more cost effective than ever.

Get the Matterport Advantage

Our 3D data platform is the most powerful, accurate, and quickest way to document a building or property. With a compatible camera, you can capture anything from small to large spaces — both inside and outside — with the highest level of detail.

3D scanning that fits your workflow

Our platform automatically stitches all your data together and lets you export your data into other platforms easily, saving you significant amounts of manual work and time.

Create 3D walkthroughs and guide anyone immediately to a virtual site tour.

  • Communicate key milestones quickly and effectively by eliminating travel time and by sharing and annotating in the model to get sign-offs.
  • Perform remote inspections, measure while offsite, and reduce site visits by capturing all data the first time.

Learn how Swinerton used Matterport to reduce client travel time by 100 percent and eliminate four weeks of potential project delays.

How 3D scan to BIM can reduce design and construction costs

Incorporating Matterport into your BIM (Building Information Modelling) process can help reduce virtual design and construction costs and help you win more bids.

  • Export your point cloud and easily share and render it within Revit® and other BIM tools.
  • Generate OBJ files and point clouds for as-builts and construction documentation.
  • Scan tight areas 10–15 times faster than with a typical lidar scanner.
  • Overlay your point cloud onto your BIM model to conduct verification.
  • Take measurements in difficult to access areas such as pipes, trusses, and ceiling beams.

Find out how we helped Perkins&Will work efficiently and remotely.

Get the accuracy you need from a single source

Matterport provides incredible accuracy and easy measurement in the platform.

  • Capture spaces that are accurate within 1% using a Matterport Pro2 camera and 0.1% with Leica BLK360.
  • Replace thousands of photos by capturing all imagery and data at once, and save time by eliminating the need to document, arrange, and label photos.
  • Get reflected ceiling plan images and schematic floor plans.
  • Eliminate registration markers or manual alignment.

Learn how the University of Wolverhampton created online campus tours for prospective students and improved building reconstruction.

Building Information Modelling

Matterport BIM files enable fast, easy, precise 3D as-builts for any space. Architects, designers and building engineers can now accurately capture the current state of any building and its contents in CAD and design software more quickly, easily, and cost-effectively than ever before.

AEC BIM image
  • Jumpstart workflows by capturing as-built conditions with Matterport and ordering the BIM File add-on
  • BIM file contains a .RVT and two .DWG CAD files
  • Eliminate the manual capture of as-built conditions with Matterport + BIM
  • Output BIM includes optional comprehensive architecture, furniture, and MEP elements
  • Autodesk Revit plugin is available for quick import of MP digital twin and associated data files
  • Files include quantifiable dimensions and quantities


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A powerful suite of features

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Transform your space into a 3D Autodesk Revit model and 2D CAD files.

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Collaborate efficiently with commenting and sharing integrated in your spaces.

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Embed pop-up notes, links, videos, and e-commerce workflows in your 3D model.

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Download, edit, and import high-resolution digital assets from Matterport Cloud.

Measurement Mode

Measurement Mode

Accurately measure anything within a 3D model.

4K Photos icon

4K Photos

Print-ready photos from your model instantly with Pro2 captures.

See it for yourself

Experience how Matterport's 3D technology is changing architecture, engineering, and construction.

Learn how to get started

Getting started with Matterport is quick and easy. If you have a 360 camera you can get started for FREE. Sign up to a free account below and start scanning today!

Want more accurate 3D scanning? Matterport's Pro2 3D camera captures large spaces accurately and easily.

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You'll be in good company

  • At Corgan, we used the Matterport Pro2 camera during a project at LAX. The technology allowed us to efficiently scan existing conditions, capture key milestones, create virtual punch lists, document progress and share 3D models with owners and facility managers.

  • The initial 30.5 hours we invested in scanning MEP facilities of Toronto Western Hospital was essential to an efficient modeling workflow. Capturing good, reliable scan data ensured our remaining 300 hours of modeling MEP systems in Autodesk Revit was seamless.

  • I won't do a multi-story building without a Matterport camera.

  • We began using Matterport to give our engineers and designers a more effective way to engage with clients, contractors, and one another,” Mehr said. “After scanning the space, we annotate and share punch-lists from the Matterport Cloud, eliminating the need for 10-15 people to attend site surveys.