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Matterport and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Matterport now an ISV Partner in the AWS Partner Network.

Expanding digital twin technology to the enterprise

Matterport and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have partnered together to further enable digital twin technology for enterprise customers. Matterport SaaS and Capture Services are available to all AWS customers. The Matterport Platform can be easily integrated into your platforms and solutions today alongside the secure, robust and scalable services AWS offers.

Matterport and Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Seamless delivery and fully scalable digital transformation

For AWS customers, Matterport easily integrates into your technology stack, providing you access to digital twin services. With digital twins, you can generate custom, immersive experiences of your spaces, like enhancing your ecommerce strategy with 3D, remotely training employees or collaborating within a shared digital twin to better drive business outcomes.

Matterport and Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Unlock the true value of your buildings

Build custom 3D experiences by harnessing the power of Matterport APIs and SDKs to build solutions. Going live with an AWS + Matterport implementation would enable you to have a unified data strategy combining data from AWS cloud and Matterport's spatial data. Customers can also leverage the Matterport platform for richer engagement including analytics, insights and IoT data integration.

Matterport and Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Reduce operational costs

Create a digital twin of your space via any device: your smartphone, a 360 camera, or the powerful Matterport Pro2 3D camera. We also offer a team of professional technicians who will capture a space for you. By having digital twins of your space, you will achieve benefits such as reducing physical site visits, save travel time and costs, and enhance construction project communication while achieving faster time to completion.