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All your data, all in one place.

Now, you can easily feed all your essential application data into your Matterport digital twin.

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Enable remote collaboration, reduce expenses, and significantly increase operational efficiency.

Maintaining and optimizing your business spaces requires knowing how each environment functions, behaves, and changes over time. The Matterport and Amazon Web Services (AWS) partnership simplifies the process of creating a digital twin of your real-world system, resulting in enterprise-level efficiencies.

AWS IoT Twinmaker
Embed live data to your Matterport digital twins.

Gain valuable insights and make informed decisions to optimize operations by connecting existing IoT, video, and enterprise application data to a Matterport digital twin.

AWS IoT Twinmaker
Drive consistent high performance across your business.

Increase equipment uptime and maintain peak performance by discovering trends and monitoring predictive maintenance analytics.

AWS IoT Twinmaker
Build a single, unified interface to access all connected data sources.

Explore, analyze, and refine your assets in one platform. Enhancing your digital twins with live IoT data allows for a single monitoring system that everyone can access.