Simplify your documentation workflow with immersive 3D

Now anyone can access a virtual digital copy of your job sites at any point in time, without being there.

Put your entire team on-site, from anywhere.

Matterport Spaces are your virtual job site visit. Our end-to-end reality visualization system lets your team easily create photo-realistic, fully-rendered 3D models and walkthroughs of your projects that can be annotated, edited, and shared in a snap.

The days of managing thousands of construction site photos are over. Matterport Spaces, your construction photography is in the Space itself, so you can find what you're looking for as if you were on-site.

  • Complete, photorealistic model of any interior

    Stop sifting through thousands of photos. Leverage realistic, dimensionally accurate project models for communication and operations.

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  • Quick & easy to create

    Anyone can learn to scan with the Matterport Pro Camera in a matter of minutes, and complete 3D walkthroughs are delivered in hours.

  • Streamlined, complete communication

    Easily share your projects with key stakeholders, including annotations in a realistic, immersive walk-through experience.

Fully-featured construction documentation

Matterport spaces provide a unified communication and documentation medium, consolidating all of your project documents into a few complete models that are easily annotated and shared.

Create real-world architectural, structural, and MEP designs, and keep a record of your projects before drywall goes up or concrete is poured.

  • Add spatial context to 2D photography
  • Consolidated models replace thousands of photographs
  • Effective communication with key stakeholders
  • Easily navigate,d permanent, annotated records at every milestone

Remodeling & As-Built Designs

Create real-world templates to kickstart the design process. Our vision pipeline automatically stitches your data into an immersive 3D model and walkthrough experience while generating a point cloud that can be brought into Autodesk Revit(TM) and used as a template for modeling existing conditions.

Save time over manual measurements.

  • Quick, easy capture
  • Access to point clouds
  • Fewer on-site visits

Matterport is already on the job site