Amidst harsh conditions, Accent Property Restoration responds faster with 3D capture

After capturing a loss in its entirety, Accent Property Restoration uses Matterport 3D models to conduct remote estimating.

From hurricanes to wildfires to the intense winter storms, restorers must overcome issues including lack of electricity, communications, road access, and hazards. Accent Property Restoration, serving Milwaukee home and business owners feels fast, accurate execution is essential when facing harsh conditions in the Midwest.

Comprehensive documentation is essential for restorers estimating services — and insurers validating the work performed. Traditionally, documentation included hundreds of 2D photographs, measurements, moisture readings, and written statements.

“When harsh winter storms strike the Midwest, we no longer have to spend hours documenting the loss without heat, light, or electricity,” Dean Rossey Jr., CEO at Accent Property Restoration said. “With the Matterport Pro2 camera, we can document the loss accurately and completely the first time we respond to a call.”

3D models make Accent Property Restoration estimators more productive

After capturing a loss in its entirety, Accent Property Restoration uses Matterport 3D models to conduct remote estimating. This saves the company time and money, eliminating repeat property visits to document missing measurements and photographs.

Accent Property Restoration drives engagement with adjusters and growth

Using the Matterport Cloud, Accent Property Restoration shares 3D models with adjusters throughout the restoration process. “Most restorers in the Midwest are still using traditional forms of documentation,” Rossey said. “I use Matterport to connect with adjusters and policyholders and drive growth for my business.”

When restorers use the Matterport Cloud to share 3D models and sketches, insurance companies save time and money, remotely adjusting properties with complete documentation. “Using Matterport 3D models, adjusters can virtually walk through properties and assess a fire loss,” Rossey said. “Adjusters can determine there was a kitchen fire, scope the damage caused to the kitchen, and follow the smoke trails throughout the house.”

By putting 3D documentation at the core of processes, Accent Property Restoration is resolving questions from adjusters and policyholders faster than ever before. “If I have a question, I refer the adjuster or the policyholder to the Matterport 3D model,” Rossey said. “Together, we can virtually walk the property, addressing concerns and open items together. — They love it.”


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