Amy Kite realty markets listings that close by maximizing impressions with Matterport

Create a unique and informative, immersive experience to grow engagements and win more listings with Matterport.

About Amy Kite Realty:

The Amy Kite Team is a Top-100 agency and member of Keller Williams Realty Infinity. Based in the Chicagoland area, the Kite team has a history of helping individuals build their future and create a legacy by investing in real estate.

The Challenge:

Improve marketing strategy to grow business and market reach, drive traffic online and create brand differentiation by providing a uniquely valuable experience for clients and agents alike.

The Solution:

Leverage Matterport’s all-in-one marketing asset portfolio by implementing use of the Matterport Pro2 camera for property shoots. Create a unique and informative, immersive experience to grow engagements and win more listings.

Our navigable Matterport 3D models differentiate us from the competition as well as provide confidence to our agents and clients alike. - Dan Bennett, Marketing and Systems Manager

The Results:

  • Time to an offer on listings cut in half

Purchasing a home is a big deal. It’s among the most important decisions a person makes in their life and, naturally, clients want to be confident in what they’re considering when making an offer. The Matterport 3D models resulted in the Amy Kite listings receiving offers in 5-10 days, down from the 10-20 days.

  • 2X Increase of “time-on-page” on site for listings with Matterport 3D models

With an emphasis on capturing the attention of visitors to their website, an emphasis was placed on their “time-on-page” metric. After featuring the Matterport 3D models on their website, pages where they were present went from an average view time of 45 seconds up to over 2 minutes while also averaging a robust 300 views per page.

  • Improved listing “Speed-to-market” with operational efficiencies from an entire set of Matterport marketing materials

The marketing assets, such as 2D photos, floorplans and videos that are available with a Matterport 3D model were easily shared across the organization, allowing all stakeholders in the posting process access to all relevant information. The end result has increased efficiency of transaction posting timeframes of 2-3 days down from 4-7 days.

  • Reduced 90% of photographer’s back-end time

By implementing the Matterport capture process, manual editing of visuals for The Kite Team and its photographer have been all but eliminated. With 99% accurate, infared enabled imaging, that provides exact measurements and schematic floor plans, this time savings also extended to removing the need to manually obtain room dimensions during a shoot.


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