Arup Propels Engineering and Design Projects with Matterport BIM Files

Accelerating Project Kick-offs with Faster Initiation of BIM Development

Customer results summary:

  • Improves project initiation timelines for more responsive client service 

  • Convenient ordering online, with just a few clicks 

  • Level of Development (LOD) 200 specification primes internal teams for their work 

  • Enables earlier, more inspirational client engagement

Arup Gains Agility with New Matterport BIM Files Service 

Arup is a global powerhouse in architecture and design, with offices in more than 30 countries. Known for its innovation, the firm has helped set the trends for building a better world since 1946. 

Michael Alder, Regional Reality Capture Leader for the Australasian region at Arup, started using Matterport digital twins for the firm’s work in 2015. An experienced mechanical design draftsman based in Melbourne, he has more than 17 years at Arup and leads the reality capture initiatives for new project digital inception plans.  

Over the years, he has seen Arup invest in Matterport Pro2 and Leica BLK360 cameras for its Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Singapore offices. As a result, the company can rely on Matterport digital twins and Autodesk Revit software to deliver coordinated, information-rich models for its projects. 

Arup worked with PHORIA, a Matterport Platform Partner, to create an immersive tour of architect Robin Boyd’s iconic Walsh Street house, using Matterport digital twins

One constraint Alder occasionally faces is the speed of getting resources allocated to a new project. During busy periods, the firm’s modelers may not have the capacity to immediately start on a model that could use a faster turnaround. Delays may hold up the rest of the company’s team from getting their parts of the work underway, as engineers and other collaborators can’t start without a base model that includes accurate, consistent schematics and measurements, such as they get in Autodesk Revit files. 

For this reason, Alder was pleased to be among the first beta testers for a new Matterport service for building information modeling (BIM) file creation based on Matterport digital twins, called Matterport BIM Files. The solution directly links the point cloud data from MatterPaks and the Revit platform, transforming captured spatial data into .RVT files. This saves Matterport customers the laborious work of tracing over millions of data points and performing time-consuming 3D modeling workflows to generate the BIM models needed for measuring and documenting on-site conditions for a project. 

One Click to Revit Readiness

“Ever since I started using Revit years ago, people would always wonder, ‘Don’t you just press the button to get a 3D model?’ With the Matterport BIM Files service, this is the first time I can actually say, ‘Yes, it’s just a button press away.’ It’s easy. If I know that our team is already under pressure with existing work in process, we can avoid the whole resource allocation discussion and just get the BIM creation process going right away,” says Alder. 

The level of development (LOD) in Matterport BIM Files meets a LOD 200 specification for structural and architectural elements, with add-ons available for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) and/or Furniture. “Matterport BIM Files are LOD 200-specified and I’m happy with the architectural and structural results I’m seeing on the accuracy front,” Alder says.  

Project types he has tested with the service so far include an office space, a plant room, a basement, and a theater. Alder was pleased with the depiction of floors, including sloped floors at the theater. He was also impressed with the mesh for a cable-suspended ceiling. “The service fits the bill. It’s worth the cost and delivers good value, particularly for giving us a jump start with spatial planning and early design development conceptual models.” 

While Alder does not see Matterport BIM Files replacing Arup’s own modeling, the files give the team a starting point while Arup’s modelers produce the official models needed for further project stages. “Matterport BIM Files provide us an architectural frame to begin layering our services upon, in advance of the architectural model, giving us an advantage as an engineering consultancy. They help us set up the potential for our space planning work,” Alder says.

When Back-of-the-Napkin Sketches Won’t Do

For some clients or prospects that aren’t quite yet ready to engage architects but would like to start the BIM process for inspiration or discussion of possibilities, the Matterport service can help business development momentum. “With the fast ordering convenience of Matterport BIM Files, we can simplify our collective initial kickoff steps, from early engagement of internal team members to streamlined briefings for stakeholders. These benefits enable us to provide more responsive client service,” says Alder. “Matterport BIM Files can assist us to get good, creative ideas in front of clients quickly.”  

Alder is looking for opportunities to use Matterport BIM Files to accelerate an upcoming internal office layout redesign, enabling concept stage rapid iterations for various design possibilities, including virtual staging. Similarly, he sees great opportunities with heritage and non-typical arts projects requiring documentation and upgrades, for which Matterport BIM Files offer additional strategic flexibility.  

“Matterport provides a suite of tools to help Arup mitigate risk with fast digital twin captures, along with ease of use and efficiencies to improve our workflows. New services like Matterport BIM Files and additional add-ons endow us with greater agility to serve clients with first-rate digital solutions,” Alder says.


For over 75 years, Arup has been recognized for its vision, talent and tenacity. Dedicated to sustainable development, the firm is a collective of 16,000 designers, advisors, and experts working across 140 countries. Founded to be both humane and excellent, Arup collaborates with its clients and partners using imagination, technology, and rigor to shape a better world. 

HEADQUARTERSLondon, United Kingdom 

INDUSTRY Architecture/Engineering/Construction (AEC) 


CHALLENGEShorten time required to commit resources for BIM file creation

PRODUCTS Matterport BIM Files, The MatterPak Bundle, Matterport Pro2 cameras, Leica BLK 360 cameras

SOLUTIONEasy online ordering with Matterport BIM Files service 


  • Improves project initiation timelines for more responsive client service 

  • Convenient ordering online, with just a few clicks 

  • Level of Development (LOD) 200 specification primes internal teams for their work 

  • Enables earlier, more inspirational client engagement


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