By capturing 3D spaces, Level Creek Property Restoration connects with adjusters better than ever before

With Matterport, Level Creek Property Restoration estimates faster

Level Creek Property Restoration, based in Buford, Georgia, has been helping homeowners recover from fire, water, wind, and mold damage for more than 10 years. Customers count on Level Creek Property Restoration for rapid and trustworthy recovery.

Andy Mason, Co-Owner and CEO of Level Creek Property Restoration, explains the company “prioritizes processes and building relationships with adjusters to ensure claims settle quickly. We are committed to minimizing the stress and inconvenience of disasters on homeowners.”

As Level Creek Property Restoration grows, the company uses the Matterport Pro2 camera to document damage and restoration milestones.

Traditionally, restoration companies supplied adjusters with sketches and 2D photographs. When questions arise, adjusters and restorers returned to the property, collecting additional documentation to resolve issues. Those 2D photographs are cumbersome to organize and typically lack the contextual data needed to settle disputes.

Level Creek Property Restoration engages adjusters before questions arise

3D capture is setting the new standard for insurance claims processes, enabling restoration companies to connect with adjusters before questions arise.

Level Creek Property Restoration delivers on this expectation. “By documenting property damage and our mitigation work with Matterport, we engage adjusters early and resolve questions faster,” Mason said. “From the comfort of our home offices, we can share the Matterport 3D models and sketches, virtually walk through the damage, and present our mitigation strategy. Adjusters think it’s amazing.”

With Matterport, Level Creek Property Restoration estimates faster

With 23 Level Creek Restoration Property employees connected on the Matterport Cloud, the company can help homeowners recover faster than ever before. “One property scan from the Matterport Pro2 camera provides all of the data and details needed for my content, mitigation, and recon departments,” Mason said. “Having the Matterport 3D model as a reference is key to putting together accurate estimates, faster.”

3D capture boosts customer satisfaction

By sharing 3D models with customers, Level Creek Restoration Property connects with customers throughout their disaster recovery journey. “When customer questions arise around pre-existing conditions, we share Matterport 3D models to resolve queries faster,” Mason said. “Customers, who’ve lost their homes to natural disasters, are overcome with gratitude when they reflect on the pre and post mitigation models.”


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