How Innovative Marketing Made Cressy & Everett #1 in Indiana

Cressy and Everett Real Estate’s typical listing is a 3,000 sq ft home priced at below $125,000.


Differentiating at mid-market price points

Cressy and Everett Real Estate’s typical listing is a 3,000 sq ft home priced at below $125,000. John De Souza, President of Cressy & Everett, saw a huge opportunity in Matterport 3D tours to help his agents win more listings, but was unsure of how to leverage it to improve the current ROI of his marketing.

  • A low % of high-end listings may not justify high-end marketing spend

  • Unsure of workflow process and ease of use

  • Required strategy to incorporate into existing marketing strategy


Streamline processes to keep costs low, adoption high

Cressy & Everett use free online tools from Google to manage the Matterport 3D process.

Management uses Google Calendar to schedule appointments with agents and the camera operator and uses a Google Form to collect information about the listing to include with the 3D model.

The camera operator is a 22 year old contractor with no previous photography experience.


10k increase is monthly web traffic, improved marketing performance across all channels

Cressy & Everett uses a unique style of cross-selling to improve the ROI of their marketing. By leveraging Matterport tours on their website and in social media, they are able to drive additional engagement from online visitors. They also leverage Matterport’s proprietary Dollhouse view in print publications to highlight their tech-enabled services.

Matterport is also fully integrated with their online app, driving additional in-app engagement with clients.

This has resulted in 10k monthly visits to Matterport tours on their website, with 10% of his listings being captured in immersive 3D. His agents are able to use this statistic to prove they are more capable of marketing and selling homes than their competitors.


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