As a Matterport Platform Partner, e-Building develops a document manager to archive and share information aggregated around digital twins

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Founded by the parent company e-Making, e-Building offers users a powerful document manager capable of organizing information about spaces and everything the property contains.

Civil engineering, building information modeling (BIM), and innovation design are at the foundation of e-Building.  Since 2018, Principal CEO, Angelo De Cocinis has been operating e-Making, a digital engineering firm and managed service provider (MSP), specializing in design and project management.  For every BIM project, De Cocinis and the e-Making team use Matterport to capture accurate and immersive digital twins to analyze, manage, and interact with spaces. 

In 2018, De Cocinis met the current CTO of e-Building, Stefano Bompani, at an Open Days school initiative, where they were volunteering and mentoring students on carriers in technology. Following their first encounter, the two joined forces to create e-Building.

Using Matterport’s SDK Bundle, e-Building helps companies in real estate, architecture and other industries develop and extend the potential of Matterport to realize new efficiencies and create more value.

Enhancing the Use of Digital Twins

When the two first started e-Building, De Cocinis and Bompani knew that they wanted to create an innovative platform through which users could virtually travel to new places while navigating, experiencing and viewing them in a fully immersive way.

“Through e-Building, Matterport becomes a means by which we can preserve and transfer significant amounts of spatial data and building information aggregated through libraries of digital twins and documentation,” says De Cocinis. 


The two engineers set out to achieve the complete digitalization of the planning and development process, with a goal to adapt the technology for sectors close to their own.

“For example, we could design a hotel and transfer all the benefits of the 3D digital twin directly to both hotel owners and guests. The former could use it for facility management, while the latter will be able to explore the hotel premises before booking,” says De Cocinis. 

Using Digital Twins for Years to Come

With e-Building’s intuitive document manager, users can access Matterport digital twins and associated documents at any stage of a property’s lifecycle, from design and development all the way through ongoing facilities management and future renovations. 

In getting started, users input a physical address into the search bar of a map.  Next, users can add Matterport  digital twins, images, point cloud files, drawings, and documentation associated with the physical address. 

Once users import digital twins into e-Building, they can automatically access an extended menu, featuring all of the Mattertags embedded within the digital twin. The menu helps users search, add, and edit points of interest to include content, such as photo, videos, PDFs, BIM models, web pages, sensors and real-time cameras, drone models, and Google Maps without ever leaving the digital twin. 

Users can also add audio files to Mattertags and activate an autoplay mode while navigating the model. 

The Laura Bassi High School, in Bologna Italy, uses the e-Building platform to provide more immersive Matterport virtual tours of all three branches of the school to the community.  The virtual tours were introduced during the school’s virtual Open Days initiative during the pandemic, and have been adopted as a long-term solution as a more sustainable and innovative way of archiving content, promoting the school, and presenting school projects.

“The e-Building platform helped us incorporate the most significant contents of our educational offering into the Matterport virtual tour of our classrooms and labs,” says Principal of Laura Bassi High School, Maria Grazia Cortesi. “Using the e-Building menu, community members can navigate to featured content, including concerts for the Liceo Musicale, songs and stories from the Holocaust Remembrance Day, descriptions of our program offerings, and samples of student projects.” 

ebuilding cultural

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Telecommunications, energy, and e-mobility provider, CONVERGENZE SpA Società Benefit, teamed up with e-Building to showcase the company’s headquarters and innovation center.  

“We found Matterport’s digital twins incredibly engaging,” says Rosario Pingaro, CEO Convergenze SpA Società Beneft.  “The e-Building personalized menu, integrated with a simple and powerful document manager, allows us to share where our services are born and characterizes our innovative nature even more.”

ebuilding innovation center

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Stefano Bompani

“Archiving digital twins, technical documentation and drawings creates a library of “time travel” of the space,” says Bompani. “This helps our clients facilitate teamwork and sustainable operations by storing and sharing milestone digital twins and related documents in a single location.” 

e-Building extends the ability to perform precision measurements or obtain coordinates and points within the digital twin or from the point cloud file. Applying this technique and the e-Building Platform was essential to the success to preserve and restore Italy's historic Remondini Palace. The efficiencies gained through the e-Building documentation manager yielded cost savings of 80%.  

"We tested  a new reverse-engineering design flow with an immersive navigable Matterport digital twin which was then enhanced by the e-Building platform. Because the digital twins were searchable, measurable and shareable via the web with the stakeholders, they allowed us to conduct virtual inspections with a remarkable reduction of times and costs,” says Daniele Fanzini, an Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano. “These tools and the BIM technology together, enable a new way of designing."

ebuilding bim

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e-Building extends the potential of Matterport, providing a document manager to archive and share information aggregated around digital twins, as well as features to create 3D virtual tours enriched with multimedia.  As a Matterport Platform Partner, e-Building helps its customers make digital twins more immersive with music, photos, videos, PDFs, BIM models, web pages, sensors and real-time cameras, drone models, and Google Maps.  




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