Voiceable and Matterport Bring In-Store Experiences to Online Shoppers

Partnership Augments Immersive Digital Twins with Video and Voice-Guided Tours from Knowledgeable Sales Agents

Customer results summary:

  • Boosts online sales conversion from 2% to 7.8% 

  • 41% increase in average order value for customers assisted by a Voiceable agent 

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Greater cross-selling and upselling opportunities though better visibility into the sales process, customer insights, and agent performance metrics

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Bringing a Human Touch to eCommerce

Even as the popularity of eCommerce has soared in recent years, customers often find the experience to be impersonal. Whether in-store or online, a human touch can add warmth to the buyer’s journey. For a retailer, a friendly dialogue can also allow a salesperson to address a customer’s concerns and questions, improving the odds of closing a sale.

To better engage shoppers, Voiceable enables sales agents to converse with shoppers directly on a retailer’s website using voice and video.     

Gill Bar-Yoseph

When the company discovered retailers worldwide were using photorealistic, Matterport digital twins to create immersive virtual experiences that capture all the nuances of their showrooms, Voiceable saw a way to extend that personalization by adding a friendly voice asking, “How can I help you?” 

“Voiceable’s mission is bringing a more human touch to retail,” says Gill Bar-Yoseph, Co-Founder and CEO of Voiceable. “We immediately recognized Matterport’s commitment to creating meaningful customer journeys. We’re proud to be a Matterport Platform Partner and to work with them to reimagine online shopping experiences.” 

A Hands-on Approach to Higher Online Sales

With Matterport developer tools, Voiceable connects to existing Matterport digital twins, allowing sales agents to be proactive and remotely guide customers through the digital twins. Working together, Voiceable developed an approach that still allows the customer to retain control over their virtual in-store journey: the agent guides the customer, but can’t see the customer or take over their screen. 

Through Voiceable, associates can see the exact product a customer is interested in, while offering input and suggesting additional product options. Providing a personal guide can encourage customers to do more than just “window shop” and result in more sales by letting agents share product details, lead customers to specific areas in a store, and increase the average order value with upselling and cross-selling suggestions. 

In a Matterport digital twin of an electronics showroom, a sales agent using Voiceable can show a customer which TV models are the best-sellers and on sale. Customers benefit from the ability to see a product up-close and to have questions answered in real time. Once a customer is ready to make their purchase, the agent simply connects them to the product page by clicking on a Mattertag within the digital twin.<Insert Video: Joe will developing; waiting on b-roll from Voiceable> 

Within one hour of implementing Voiceable, one sales agent working to sell a TV to a sports fan added 1,000 euros in incremental revenue.  On average, 7.8 percent of customers speaking with an agent through Voiceable will convert to make purchases—and these customers spend 41 percent more than other customers.  

“The rich detail in Matterport digital twins gives shoppers the feeling that they’re really in the store and looking at items in-person,” says Bar-Yoseph. “If customers feel they have a relationship with a retailer beyond making a few clicks online, they are more likely to engage and be receptive to offers.”

Giving Sales Agents New Ways to Reach Customers

The Voiceable experience is easy to implement, allowing a retailer to train sales agents and team members in leading the virtual walkthroughs. There’s no need to onboard more team members to use Voiceable. Any representative who has assisted customers in-person or responded to inquiries at a call center can take shoppers on a journey through digital twins. 

Retail managers can play back Voiceable audio and video recordings to observe how leading sales representatives close more deals—giving direct insight about which products, brands, and sales approaches worked best with specific types of customers. These insights can help accelerate sales and provide strategies that are useful for other associates. Future capabilities of Voiceable will incorporate Sweep location data from Matterport SDKs to make navigation tracking information available within the digital twin, for an even better understanding of buyer journeys.

Voiceable’s guided virtual shopping services offer retailers a higher-grade, more personalized, and seamless online customer experience compared to unappealing chatbots, sluggish live chat, and even slower call centers. With increasing numbers of shoppers enjoying the ease and convenience of online shopping, retailers are challenged to distinguish their eCommerce platforms from competitors. As a result, although Voiceable offers its services to help guide shoppers through a retailer’s product web pages, it has started recommending Matterport to clients that haven’t yet adopted digital twins.        

“Matterport is the fastest and easiest way for a retailer to create a 3D virtual tour of their store, especially with the Matterport Capture app for Android and iPhone. Capturing a digital twin is now so inexpensive and simple compared to other options in the market. Plus the impact is so much greater. It really helps a retailer stand out,” says Bar-Yoseph.

As customers respond positively to the one-on-one experience of Voiceable-led virtual store tours, retailers see an avenue for reaching shoppers everywhere. For instance, a company operating in Europe can open its digital doors and invite customers from around the world to take guided virtual walkthroughs through its showroom.  Voiceable supports multiple languages, enabling sales agents to interact comfortably with customers worldwide, guiding them through Matterport digital twins and providing a depth of information they could not access otherwise.  

The partnership between Voiceable and Matterport is about enabling more creative, dynamic customer experiences that aren’t possible when customers simply search through product pages online,” says Bar-Yoseph. “We’re honored to team up with Matterport to transform the online customer experience by combining the immersive experience of a virtual tour with the personal touch of a live sales agent.” 

Voiceable is a Matterport Platform Partner that leverages Matterport APIs and SDKs to build and commercialize their apps and integrations with Matterport’s market-leading spatial data platform. As a Platform Partner, they gain access to a range of commercial benefits, such as Matterport’s distribution network and enhanced support as well as co-marketing and co-selling programs to help them successfully monetize their applications. To learn more about the Platform Partner Program and apply to join, visit https://matterport.com/platform-partner-program

ABOUT VOICEABLEVoiceable empowers online retailers to recreate the in-store experience. Using voice and video, sales agents offer tailored guidance directly from the retailer website. This close customer engagement increases conversion rates, user experience, and loyalty.


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  • Boosts online sales conversion from 2% to 7.8% 

  • 41% increase in average order value for customers assisted by a Voiceable agent 

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Greater cross-selling and upselling opportunities though better visibility into the sales process, customer insights, and agent performance metrics


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