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Matterport’s Pro2 3D camera and fully-automated stitching solution is the fastest, easiest way to create true 3D tours in 4K resolution.

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Having Matterport sends a clear message to our clients, to our agents, and to the industry that we are different. 360 panos or other services don’t even compare.

John De Souza

John De Souza, President

Cressy and Everett Real Estate Brokerage

What we do (and they don’t)

No Manual Stitching

Save countless hours of time and effort wasted on manual stitching and use that time to win more business.

The Ricoh Theta requires up| to 3 hours of manual work, whereas Matterport’s stitching is completely automated and takes 1-2 hours once uploaded.

Stunning Dollhouse views

Wow your clients with stunning 3D Dollhouse views of properties that will make them feel like Superman.

The Ricoh Theta just has 360° panoramas.

Google Street View Integration

Coming this summer, publish your automatically-stitched Matterport tours directly to Google Maps and Business Listings.

Publishing to Google with the Ricoh Theta requires hours of additional stitching work and uploading effort.

With Matterport's Publish to Street View, customers no longer need to choose between the immersive Matterport experience and the search engine benefits of Google Street View. They are getting the absolute best of both worlds and will view Matterport Service Partners as the go-to providers for 360 solutions.


Chris Hickman, a Matterport Service Partner and Google Street View Photographer

MetroPlex 360

Syndication + Social Sharing

Automatically add your Matterport tours to sites like, NYTimes Real Estate, Twitter,, and more with ease. Social sharing allows you and your clients to easily post to Facebook, Twitter, and more!

The Ricoh Theta is just a camera, but Matterport is an end-to-end system offering software enhancements, new distribution channels, and more.

Multimedia Mattertag(tm) Posts

Tell the story of your property with embedded video, audio, links, and more! Highlight a key feature, or link to external websites to provide additional information about the home or neighborhood.

The Ricoh Theta offers no such integrated pop ups or notations to add greater detail to a Space.

Automatic virtual reality

After you finish capturing a property using our Pro2 3D camera, Matterport’s cloud processing will create a 3D Space you can explore in virtual reality instantly.

The Ricoh Theta requires huge amounts of manual labor to be available in VR.

4K resolution visuals

Get stunning visuals to use on the MLS and for print which you can pull from any angle in your 3D tour.

Both Matterport and Ricoh Theta can be used to capture high-resolution photography.

Superior navigation

Fly from the stunning Dollhouse view to the interior of a Space, which you can navigate through as naturally as if you were really there.

Navigating through a stitched Ricoh Theta experience can be cumbersome or dizzying.

Floor Plans for just $14.99

Leverage your 3D data by generating a dimensionally accurate floor plan directly from your Matterport Space - no extra service required.

The Ricoh Theta requires a separate service to create the floor plan used in their navigation, adding more costs to the service.

With Matterport, I improved my listing appointment conversion from 60% to 95% and reduced days on market by 56%

Gina Howarth

Gina Howarth, Agent

RE/MAX First Choice

Comparison Chart

  • Google Street View Integration
  • Syndication
  • 24-hour turnaround
  • Dollhouse views
  • Available offline
  • Same day virtual reality Conversion
  • Optimized for mobile
  • 4K resolution
  • Outdoor/exterior capture
  • Integrated schematic floor plan service
  • Integrated pop-ups / spatial annotations
  • Room measurements
  • Pro2 3D Camera
    Rico Theta 360°

  • Pro 3D Camera
    Pro2 3D Camera

Thanks to Matterport, I sold an $8,000,000 home for full price in cash.

Amanda Todd

Amanda Todd, Agent

Keller Williams

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