Guy Hoquet boosts its results thanks to 3D virtual tours of real estate made possible by Matterport

Immersive virtual tours are becoming widespread at Guy Hoquet thanks to the technology developed by Matterport, the market leader in spatial data capture.

Visits going ahead despite the lockdown, properties captured in the smallest detail, and sales concluded quickly: immersive virtual tours are becoming widespread at Guy Hoquet thanks to the technology developed by Matterport, the market leader in spatial data capture. This is a unique service which has proven its effectiveness during the health crisis and continues to boost the network's results.

The immersive 3D visit, a real revolution for remote property visits

The Guy Hoquet l'Immobilier network, the 3rd largest real estate franchise network in France with 580 agencies spread over the country, saw the impact of the virtual tour when it was introduced a few months ago. Relying on Matterport, the market leader in spatial data capture, a significant number of the agency’s properties can be visited through just a screen. With unparalleled accuracy and precision, these virtual tours not only allow properties to be showcased, but also whet the buyers/tenants’ appetite before the actual visit takes place. A state-of-the-art service that has become all the more important during the period of confinement.

Discover the immersive visit in video

An essential service during lockdown, a long-term partnership

With travel restrictions due to the health crisis, the real estate market has had to reinvent some of its habits. While the agents of the Guy Hoquet network have stayed in contact with their clients thanks to the technological tools available, the virtual visit has enabled French people to plan and prepare for their future real estate – then to make them a reality.

At the end of 2019, Guy Hoquet and Matterport signed a partnership allowing the network's agents to access Matterport’s platform, including its Pro 2 cameras, at a discounted price and, thus, have access to a unique portfolio of marketing content, which showcased the properties entrusted to them (immersive virtual tours, HD videos and visuals, schematic plans of scanned locations, etc.). Out of 580, over 20% already use Matterport’s technology, and the demand increased by 500% in the last quarter.

A virtual visit to one of Guy Hoquet’s properties in figures

A virtual visit advert is viewed 6 times more than a classic advert.

A property is visited 6 times on average compared to 14 times previously.

Out of 10 requests for a physical visit following a virtual visit, 7 become a purchase.

Stéphane Fritz, President of Guy Hoquet l'Immobilier, confirms: "Our franchisees have shown a lot of creativity and have done everything possible to accompany their clients and stay in touch with buyers during this long period of confinement. Digital tools such as Matterport captures have been an indispensable tool to ensure as much continuity of our operations as possible. The Matterport technology has been true to its promises and will undeniably be part of the agency of tomorrow we are working to build! »

James Morris-Manuel, Director EMEA at Matterport, added: "We are pleased that a leading French real estate company such as Guy Hoquet l'Immobilier is enriching its offering to its customers by using our technology. Our partnership with this strong brand is an important step forward in our strategy to extend our reach in the French market, a priority for our group in EMEA. »

About Guy Hoquet l'Immobilier

Since its creation in 1994, Guy Hoquet l'Immobilier has established itself as a key player in the real estate market. With 580 agencies and business firms spread throughout France and abroad, the group is today the 3rd largest network of franchised real estate agencies in France. Thanks to a policy which puts people first and a base of “Guarantees” that is unique on the market, it has broken with the traditional image of the real estate agent, becoming a true partner throughout the real estate process. In 2019, Guy Hoquet l'Immobilier joined the Arche Group to pursue its development in the region and integrate its new services Financing, Management, Insurance, Wealth and Expertise.

About Matterport

Matterport is the market leader in 3D capture and spatial data. Its mission is to digitise and index the built world, while changing the way users interact with the places they live and explore. Matterport's all-in-one 3D data platform allows anyone to transform a physical space into an immersive digital twin and share it with others to connect and collaborate in 3D. Over ten years, the group's clients (Redfin, HH Angus, Sotheby's, Arup and Marriott, among others) have captured billions of square meters in more than 80 countries.

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