Matterport Announces Virtual Staging Partnership with VRPM for Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Matterport announces a partnership with UK-based studio VRPM to provide a range of virtual staging options for residential and commercial properties with Matterport 3D models.

LONDON – Matterport, the market leader for spatial data capture, has announced a partnership with UK-based studio VRPM to provide a range of virtual staging options for residential and commercial properties with Matterport 3D models. Matterport recently opened access to its platform, enabling third-party partners, like VRPM, to create industry-specific tools and services that leverage Matterport’s capture and AI technologies.

Property staging involves the hiring, delivery and arrangement of physical furnishings by real estate agents to market unfurnished properties. Alternatively, virtual staging enables the placement of computer-generated furniture into 3D models to create a beautifully furnished space. This is often done using 2D imagery, but VRPM is able to virtually stage a property within a Matterport 3D model to create a fully immersive experience. Now, agents who want to promote unfurnished or vacant properties can save thousands of dollars with virtual staging.

“For property owners and tenants alike, space planning and staging have long been essential to the industry. Until now there has never been a scalable, easy to use platform in the digital realm. This new service will provide high-quality virtual staging right inside Matterport 3D models for our customers around the world,” said RJ Pittman, CEO of Matterport. “VRPM’s service is a great example of how our partners are increasing the value of Matterport digital twins and spatial data. Our platform approach helps developers and partners play a key role with Matterport in digitizing the built world.”

A specialist in augmented reality and virtual staging for real estate, VRPM will leverage the Matterport platform to integrate highly realistic furniture or commercial interiors into its 3D models. For homeowners, it will allow agents to sell their homes quicker and at a higher price than if it was unfurnished, while prospective buyers will be able to visualize the functionality and possibilities of the home as if it was outfitted with real furnishings. Early users of the service include UK-based housebuilder Mulberry Homes.

“We have created a range of highly effective virtual staging tools for residential and commercial properties, drawing on our team’s expertise in augmented reality and 3D,” said Mike Merron, Director and Founder of VRPM. “This is just the beginning of what the technology can do, and we are looking forward to working with Matterport and their scan service provider network to innovate exciting virtual staging solutions for the built environment.”

According to James Morris-Manuel, Vice President of Matterport in EMEA, the VRPM partnership will significantly increase access to virtual staging for Matterport customers by removing the friction and frustration for buyers and vendors who have access to different configurations. They no longer have to rely on their imagination of how the space could look, providing a much clearer illustration of the final product.

“Virtual staging allows prospective buyers, tenants, occupiers and others to see the potential in a property and the variety of ways in which a space can be used. This is a huge asset to real estate agents looking to win instructions and market properties quickly,” said Morris-Manuel. “In the residential market it puts furnished and unfurnished properties on a level playing field.”

View Mulberry Homes virtual staging through VRPM. 

View One Knightsbridge Green virtual staging through VRPM. 

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