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Matterport Recognized as the Best AI-Powered Spatial Data Solution

The 2020 Tech Ascension Awards Honors Leading Companies in Technology Innovations and Thought Leadership

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Matterport today announced it has been recognized as the “Best AI-Powered Spatial Data Solution” by the 2020 Tech Ascension Awards. Honoring companies across big data, fintech, cybersecurity, cloud and beyond, Tech Ascension lauds technology innovations and thought leadership.

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“Our ever-growing spatial data library enables us, partners and third-party developers to deliver powerful property insights and intelligence to our customers,” said RJ Pittman, CEO of Matterport. “Every day, we see the innovative ways they use Matterport to transform the way buildings are designed, built, managed, promoted, insured and inhabited.”

The Matterport platform is powered by Cortex AI, its patented deep learning neural network. It analyzes 3D spatial data captured from Matterport’s flagship Pro2 camera and a wide variety of third party devices including Lidar cameras, 360 cameras, and mobile devices. Cortex consistently and accurately creates 3D digital twins of any space and handles complex tasks -- from 2D to 3D reconstruction, advanced image processing, automatic color correction, object and room labeling, and more. The AI is trained by Matterport’s expanding spatial data library that currently comprises more than 10 billion square feet of every type of building imaginable.

“Big data is helping organizations across the world enhance the customer experience, cost optimize, drastically improve operational efficiencies and enable more real-time actions,” said David Campbell, CEO, Tech Ascension Awards. “We’re very excited to recognize big data leaders like Matterport with innovative solutions that are helping organizations utilize rich, powerful data in unique and invaluable ways.”

The Tech Ascension Awards recognized the very best innovations in B2C and B2B technology. In the second year of the Tech Ascension Awards, only the most cutting-edge companies stood above the rest. The Tech Ascension awards judged applicants based on technology innovation and uniqueness, market research (analyst reports, media coverage, customer case studies), hard performance stats, and competitive differentiators. The class-leading vendors that received recognition from the Tech Ascension Awards proved their technology solves critical industry challenges and produces invaluable business outcomes for their customers.

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About the Tech Ascension Awards 

The Tech Ascension Awards elevate companies that possess cutting-edge, innovative technology that solve critical challenges in their respective markets. Tech Ascension winners rise above the crowded consumer and enterprise technology industries and receive validation from an independent organization. Applicants are judged based on technology innovation and uniqueness, market research (analyst reports, media coverage, customer case studies), hard performance stats, and competitive differentiators. The awards recognize leaders in cybersecurity, DevOps, big data and consumer technology. For information about the Tech Ascension Awards, please visit

About Matterport

Matterport is the industry leader in 3D capture and spatial data with a mission to digitize and index the built world, and advance the way people interact with the places they inhabit and explore. Matterport’s all-in-one 3D data platform enables anyone to turn a physical space into an immersive digital twin and share it with others to connect and collaborate in 3D. In less than a decade, customers such as Redfin, HH Angus, Sotheby’s, Arup and Marriott, have captured billions of square feet of space in over 80 countries.

Learn more at, browse a gallery of digital twins, or explore a curated global collection of 3D spaces at Destination : Everywhere.

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