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Matterport and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Now, you can easily feed all of your essential application data into your Matterport digital twin.

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Enable remote collaboration, reduce expenses, and significantly increase operational efficiency

Matterport and AWS have partnered to enhance our powerful digital twin capabilities using your application suite. Our SaaS platform and capture services are available to all AWS customers. They’re a transformative addition to enterprise-level projects, integrating easily alongside your technology stack. Capturing any space relies on knowing how that environment functions, behaves, and changes over time. Simplify the process to create digital representations of physical environments with more precise simulations of how your business assets operate so they can be maintained and optimized.

AWS IoT Twinmaker
Embed live data to your Matterport digital twins

Whether you’re gathering information on production, equipment, industrial processes, facility conditions, or other critical assets, the Matterport integration with AWS IoT TwinMaker brings it all together. Our digital twins extract relevant application data to generate custom, immersive and spatially accurate 3D models. Nothing is siloed or missing from the big picture. We’ve streamlined complex data sets to craft your twins and update them with real-time operational activity.

AWS IoT Twinmaker
Drive consistent high performance across your business

Explore, analyze, and refine your assets in one platform. AWS enrichment means you’ll gain more insights from true-to-life environments. By discovering trends and tracking predictive facility maintenance, your organization will also increase uptime, staying at peak performance with fewer site visits. That goes for fieldwork, too, enhancing your models with IoT data. Alerts and notifications ensure that you have a single monitoring system that everyone can access.

AWS IoT Twinmaker
Build a single, unified interface to access all connected data sources

Matterport’s advanced APIs and SDKs can construct guided tours, training modules, and custom visualizations for collaborators. But it doesn’t stop there. Design your own applications for specialized use cases, scaling digital twins as your business diversifies. Since they’re so easy to construct, you’ll launch new projects faster and be able to focus on the work ahead.