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Autodesk Construction Cloud

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Introducing Matterport’s Integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC).

The Matterport app for ACC, powered by Autodesk Platform Services, allows project teams to revolutionize traditional RFI processes with Matterport digital twin RFIs. Instead of relying on incomplete or difficult to use 2D and 3D files, teams can collaborate more efficiently by creating RFIs with visual site context from immersive digital twins. Additionally, users can send Matterport add-ons such as BIM File (.rvt .ifc .dwg) or MatterPak (.xyz) directly to an Autodesk Construction Cloud project to start using.

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Matterport BIM file and workflow automation with Revit® Plugin

Matterport BIM file provides precision 3D as-builts for any space. Now architects, designers, and building engineers can reflect the current state of any building with BIM more quickly, easily, and cost-effectively than ever. Alongside Matterport BIM file, we offer Matterport Revit Plugin, a workflow automation plugin that directly integrates with Autodesk® Revit.

How it works

Matterport BIM file is an available add-on within your Matterport account, and allows you to transform your space capture into BIM (.RVT) and CAD (.DWG) files. Matterport Revit Plugin is available in the Autodesk App Store for immediate use within Autodesk Revit, enabling you to import BIM files straight from your Matterport account.

We offer BIM in days, not weeks

With the Matterport BIM file add-on, BIM files are generated at a fraction of the conventional costs of surveying and as-built documentation. Your team can focus on securing more jobs instead of being stalled by documenting site survey notes.

Abstract 3D model of building

Import BIM files or Point clouds (MatterPak XYZ or E57 files) directly

Import BIM files directly into Revit using the Matterport Revit Plugin. Whether you are establishing a new BIM strategy or adopting us into your existing workflow, we make it easy.

Access and Activate

Screenshot of BIM file add-on

Purchase Matterport BIM file

Matterport BIM files are available in the Add-ons section of your Matterport spaces. Account admins and collaborators with editor access can place orders available across accounts.

Matterport BIM file supports spaces up to 50,000 sq. ft. (4,645 sq. m.) with expanded total area parameters coming soon. 

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Activate and use Autodesk Revit Plugin

  1. Download the Matterport plugin from the Autodesk App Store.
  2. Connect to your Matterport account from Autodesk Revit™ using the Matterport plugin.
  3. Import the Matterport BIM File add-on asset into Revit:
    1. Find a space from your account’s available spaces
    2. Select the space and your asset is imported into Revit
  4. To download Matterport Point Cloud (XYZ in MatterPak or E57), Cleanup and Convert in Recap into a Revit compatible format (RCS/RCP):
    1. Select a space and the corresponding point cloud is downloaded into the Recap SDK
    2. Conversions are done within the SDK
    3. Converted file loads into Revit

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Have questions?

Reach out to us with any questions or if you need help using these tools with your Matterport spaces.