Treedis and Matterport

Add next-level immersion to your digital twins.

A powerful partnership.

From immersive experiences to Industry 4.0 solutions, the partnership between Treedis and Matterport is revolutionizing the way businesses operate. Discover how Treedis adds to Matterport’s already-powerful digital twin platform to deliver incredible results to our clients.

A Matterport Model

Connected workers.

Treedis and Matterport are at the forefront of Industry 4.0. Together, we are integrating cutting-edge technologies such as immersive AR and VR training, enhanced safety protocols, remote and field employee support and collaboration tools, digitized SOPs, and seamless IoT integration into everyday workflows. The result? A 30% improvement in performance metrics across a more connected workforce.
A person navigating through a mall using a Matterport space on a phone

Indoor Navigation.

The Treedis wayfinding package is tailored to meet your navigation needs across large facilities. Whether planning your route in advance within a digital twin, using mobile devices, or using augmented reality guidance, this unified process ensures a seamless experience whether you are in the field or working remotely.

Immersive experiences.

From remote onboarding to interactive marketing and beyond, Treedis offers a wide range of solutions that leverage the power of Matterport’s digital twin platform to create uniquely immersive experiences tailored to your company’s specific needs. 
A warehouse space

Enterprise services.

Consistent with Matterport’s enterprise-grade security, Treedis provides scalability, security, seamless deployment, integration, or custom development options to large companies.

Extend your reality

Seamless cross-reality access simplified by one editing process.

A Matterport model with the AWS, Matterport, and Treedis logos at the bottom

Hannover Messe

Combining the power of Treedis, Matterport, and Amazon IoT TwinMaker to deliver more immersive experiences. Building on top of the already existing integration between Matterport's cutting-edge 3D spatial data capture technology and Amazon Web Services' IoT capabilities with Treedis' immersive platform, unlocks new dimensions of efficiency, productivity, and creativity. Enabling seamless interaction between the physical and virtual worlds, this groundbreaking partnership is revolutionizing the future of work across a wide variety of industries.