1. Choose a Camera

Matterport PRO2 LITE 3D Camera
Estimated Ship Date:
March, 2018
2 495 € EUR
Space Processing Fee
27 €
One-time fee per model covers automatically turning your raw data into an interactive 3D Space.
Does not qualify for free model processing credit.
Pro2 3D Camera (MC250)
Matterport Pro2 3D Camera (MC250)
3 695 € EUR
Space Processing Fee
18 €
One-time fee per model covers automatically turning your raw data into an interactive 3D Space.
Qualifies for free
processing credits
Pro 3D Camera (MC200)
The Matterport 3D camera
3 195 € EUR
Space Processing Fee
18 €
One-time fee per model covers automatically turning your raw data into an interactive 3D Space.
Qualifies for free
processing credits

2. Choose Your Cloud Plan


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Click here for a complete list of required and suggested accessories.

Terms of Sale

What’s included:

  • Matterport 3D Camera
  • Wall charger
  • Matterport Capture App for iPad (distributed through the Apple App Store)
  • Quick-release plate

Required, but not included:

  •  Apple iPad Pro, iPad Air 2/Air, iPad 4, iPad Mini 4/3/2, running iOS 9 or later. We highly recommend at least 128GB storage for optimal workflow. See complete list of currently recommended iPad models here.

  • Tripod with 6.5 lb capacity (see recommended models here)

  • Quick-release clamp compatible with included quick-release plate (see recommended models here)

Recommended, but not required:


View specs for the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera (Model MC250) here >>

View specs for the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera (Model MC200) here >>

All Matterport 3D cameras are designed and precision manufactured in the USA at Matterport facilities



What is a 3D Space?

A Space is the complete, processed model of a real-world environment built from individual scan data. A Space may represent a home, multifamily unit, office suite, or business listing. While larger Spaces are sometimes possible, our supported maximum is 200 scans.

What is Processing?

Matterport uses advanced technology to combine 2D and 3D data into a complete, interactive Matterport Space. This is called ‘processing.’ We charge a flat fee of 18 € per Standard Space* (up to 100 3D scans and 360˚ Views) to process the data into the complete Matterport Space.

What is a Scan?

A scan is the data collected from a single 360° rotation of a Matterport 3D Camera from a single position. Many scans are combined and processed to create a complete 3D Space.

* For billing purposes, a Standard Space is comprised of 3-100 3D scans or 360˚ Views. Spaces with up to 100 3D scans or 360˚ Views (combined) will be processed for 18 € each. Large Spaces comprised of 101-200 3D scans and 360˚ Views will be processed for 36 € each. We cannot guarantee that Spaces comprised of over 200 3D scans and 360˚ Views will be successfully processed.

Re-uploads or duplicates of previously uploaded Spaces are processed at no additional charge. Test Spaces comprised of up to 2 scans are processed at no charge.

What else can I get from my 3D Spaces?

Every 3D Space includes automatically generated Teaser Videos (MP4 and GIF formats), unlimited 2D snapshots, and a free virtual reality version of your Space. Other assets can be ordered for a small additional fee:

  • Schematic Floor Plan US$14.99 (15 €/£ 13)/Space - Black-and-white floor plan with dimensions
  • MatterPak™ Bundle US$49 (44 €/£ 39)/Space - Instantly download the textured OBJ, colorized point cloud, reflected ceiling plan image, and floor plan image as a ZIP file

What is Hosting? Can I host more than 300 Spaces in an account?

All Matterport cameras require a Cloud Plan that gives you access to storage in our secure, lightning-fast cloud. This ensures your Spaces are available whenever - wherever - you need them, and gives you access to the latest features and functionality Matterport has to offer.

Each Cloud Plan comes with 100, 200, or 300 Hosted Spaces, but you can host more for a small overage fee. At the end of each month, additional Spaces are hosted at a rate of 18 € for each block of 50 Spaces over the quantity included in your Cloud Plan (rounded up to the nearest block).


You can change your Cloud Plan level at any time via our self-serve portal, or by contacting our support team. Changes must be made at least 3 business days prior to the upcoming billing period. You may also choose to delete Spaces that are no longer in use from your account. Deleted Spaces do not count toward your hosting limit.

What is a Collaborator? How many do I need?

Collaborators are users who can access your account, and may be given different permissions, such as uploading Spaces or editing existing Spaces.

The number of allowed collaborators depends on your Cloud Plan level.
Use of Matterport Cloud services is subject to the Portal Subscription Agreement.










3 included Spaces / month

*Additional Spaces:

Standard: 18 €  Large 36 €





44 €/mo



450 €/year

(save 15%)


7 included Spaces / month

*Additional Spaces:

Standard: 18 €  Large 36 €





89 €/mo



900 €/year

(save 15%)


11 included Spaces / month

*Additional Spaces:

Standard: 18 €  Large 36 €





134 €/mo



1 350 €/year

(save 15%)

*  With each Cloud Plan, a number of Spaces are processed for free each month (3, 7, or 11). This allowance is applied to the first Spaces processed each month, and does not roll over to subsequent months. Standard Spaces are Spaces comprised of 3-100 scan positions. Large Spaces are Spaces comprised of 101-200 scan positions. We do not currently support Spaces of over 200 scan positions.

**All subscription plans are billed in advance and non-refundable.