Because we know your business never stops, we’ve designed our program to ensure that you never go without an active camera.

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Customers who meet the following requirements are eligible for the Trade-In program:

  • Purchased Matterport Pro Camera on or after December 1, 2016
  • Purchased your device directly from Matterport (US or UK) or a Certified Local Reseller
  • Purchased or intend to purchase a Matterport Pro2 Camera (trade-in credit is refunded after your old Pro Camera is returned)
  • Active and fully paid Matterport Cloud Subscription

To estimate your expected trade-in credit, put your Camera Serial Number in the field to the right.

Enter your serial number to see your Pro 3D Camera’s estimated* trade-in value:

Estimated Trade-In Value: --

*Trade-in value provided is an estimate only. Real trade-in credit will depend on the condition of the returned camera, the date of your Pro2 order, and your original purchase price.


Upgrading is easy:

  1. To purchase in US$: Visit to pre-order your new Pro2 3D Camera (you won't be charged until we ship). To Purchase in GBP or euros: Call +44 (0) 20 3874 7580 to place your order. (Note, all Pro2 orders bought in association with the trade-in program will be fulfilled with Certified Refurbished Pro2 3D Cameras. These cameras are built from new and used parts, but have the same performance and carry the same 1-year warranty as a new Pro2 Camera.
  2. Complete this form here to register for the Trade-In Program, including your order confirmation number if you have one. If you omit an order number, a Matterport representative will call you to place your order and complete your registration.
  3. We will email you with confirmation and to reiterate your estimated trade-in credit.**
  4. Once shipping begins, we'll ship your Certified Refurbished Pro2 Camera to you with instructions for returning your trade-in camera to Matterport HQ in Sunnyvale. Customers in the US will also receive a shipping label to return their Pro Camera back to Matterport. Non-US customers are responsible for shipping their camera back to Matterport HQ in Sunnyvale, CA, USA. You will receive a US$100/80£ account credit to account for this additional shipping expense.)
  5. Ship your Pro Camera back to Matterport for inspection within 14 days of receipt of your Pro2.
  6. Once condition is verified, we will credit your card with your trade-in refund amount (within 30 days from receipt of your returned Pro Camera by Matterport).

By participating in the Trade-In Program, you agree to our updated Terms of Sale.

Questions? Call +1 (408) 805-3347

Frequently Asked Questions

The Trade-In program is designed to ensure that Matterport customers who recently bought their Pro Camera are able to realize ROI on their investment, while also enabling them to take advantage of our most up-to-date technology. Only cameras purchased Since December 1, 2016, are eligible for trade-in.

However, we still want to reward our early adopters. That’s why any current Pro 3D Camera owner who wants to add a Pro2 3D camera to their fleet receives US$500 / £400 off their Pro2 3D Camera pre-order, as long as they order before June 30, 2017. The Trade-In program and early adopter discounts cannot be combined. Contact your sales rep at or +1 (888) 993-8990 to place your order and get the discount.

We won’t charge you until the camera ships! We currently expect to start shipping Certified Refurbished Pro2 3D Cameras to Trade-In customers in early August, and you can keep using your current camera for your business until then! While you may see an authorization on your card for validation purposes, you will not be charged until your Pro2 3D Camera leaves our facility.

Yes! Reseller customers are eligible for the Trade-In program under the same conditions as direct Matterport customers. Matterport will provide shipping labels for used cameras being returned from a US shipping address. Customers outside of the US are responsible for shipping back to Matterport HQ in Sunnyvale, CA, but will receive an additional US$100 (80GBP) in credit once they return their Pro Camera, to account for the additional shipping expense.

All Trade-In orders for Pro2 3D Cameras are fulfilled with Certified Refurbished Pro2 3D Cameras. These are cameras made from new and pre-owned components, but they have the same specs as a new Pro2 3D Camera - same image resolution, scan speed, and other performance metrics.

Each pre-owned component is tested and verified by our manufacturing facility, and Certified Refurbished Pro2 3D Cameras are covered by the same 1-year warranty as all other Matterport Pro 3D Cameras.

Yes, you will have to ship your Camera back to Sunnyvale, US. However, because we understand that shipping can be costly, we have applied an additional US$100 / £80 credit to the trade-in value of Pro Cameras located outside of the US.

Matterport will directly ship new Pro2 3D Cameras to VAT-registered customers in the UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Denmark only. Customers who are not VAT-registered or outside of these countries should use a freight forwarder to get the camera to their final destination. Pro2 3D Cameras are new products and are subject to import taxes, VAT, or other import fees on a per-country basis. Check your country’s import policies to estimate cost.