[Case Study] Hensel Phelps eliminates 100% of time spent labeling and organizing photographs of job sites with Matterport

In 2015, Will Plato, VDC Manager for Hensel Phelps, was exploring ways to reduce the manual effort spent on organizing and labeling photographic data captured on job sites. When Will Plato discovered Matterport, they realized the automated stitching process would eliminate the need to spend countless hours sorting through photos and creating folders to share with other project stakeholders. Since acquiring Matterport, they have used the 3D scanner over 250+ times to document various job sites and have integrated it into their standard 6-Step Quality Process workflow. 


• Reduce time spent labeling and organizing photography of a job site


• Matterport’s 3D scanner automatically creates shareable, interactive 3D visual walkthroughs of job sites


• Hensel Phelps eliminates 100% of time spent organizing and relabeling photos

Hensel Phelps also uses the following Matterport features in their workflows: 

  • Virtual Reality 

  • Mattertag™ Posts to attach spatial notations to specific objects in a Space 

  • Hazard recognition & safety training

  • Colorized Point Clouds 

  • Floor Plan Images 

  • Reflected Ceiling Plan Images 

  • Integrated Measurement Tool 

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