[Case Study] How the Creig Northrop Team Increased Sales Transactions by 10%

Creig Northrop accelerates growth by adding 3D tours

The Creig Northrop team of Long & Foster Real Estate in Maryland experienced an 10% growth in transactions since October 2015 when they integrated Matterport into their marketing and listing presentations.

With over 750 Matterport Spaces created in 2016 alone (and continuing to grow), they are seeing tremendous growth. Demand for a Matterport Space has grown threefold since they first started.

Adding Matterport has not only drawn in additional business, but has also been a key differentiator that has set Creig Northrop apart from their competition in the rest of Maryland.

#1 Real Estate Team in Maryland uses Matterport in Listing Presentations, Improves Sales Transactions by 10%


Creig Northrop already has a strong position in Maryland's real estate market, but maintaining their position takes a lot of hard work, a tech-heavy focus, and a strong differentiator experience for buyers and sellers. The team at Creig Northrop identified three key goals related to their implementation of Matterport:

  • Elevate marketing strategy with innovative technology
  • Enhance lifestyle branding to motivate prospective buyers
  • Maintain top leadership position


After a pilot program with Matterport and HomeVisit (a Matterport Service Provider), Creig Northrop settled down on three key pillars to a successful Matterport implementation to accomplish their goals.

  • Professionally stage before shooting —Use a certified contractor to make the house as beautiful as possible
  • Partner with a Matteport Service Partner to scan — Scale and roll out easily based on variable demand at different times of the year
  • Feature prominently on their website — Make it easy for backend people to add the Matterport Space and easy for customers to click on and consume



  • Sales transactions increased by 10%
  • Demand for 3D tours grows 3x each year


  • The 3D immersive experience allows buyers to view multiple homes in minutes
  • Focus groups reveal improved visual responses to Matterport's proprietary Dollhouse view
  • Matterport has been a huge selling point in an already expansive listing presentation, thus resulting in an increased number of listing transactions

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