[Case Study] Kuop Designs cuts AutoCAD As-built Modeling Time by 50%

Architectural firm cuts AutoCAD as-built modeling time by 50% and gains 15% more business

Business Owner David Kuoppamaki produces as-built documentation for all of his multi-story projects. For complex homes, these can be difficult and time consuming -- hand-drawn, manual plans often miss details or leave out anomalies. This means return visits for about 33% of all job sites, which often lead to expensive change orders and a 10% loss of time and effort per project.

Instead, David scan the spaces with Matterport first. Matterport scans are automatically registered and processed in the Matterport Cloud -- the finished model can then be imported into AutoCAD as a scale to begin drawing. Because the Matterport floor plan is dimensionally accurate, it can also be used to identify walls containing plumbing or other features via thickness. By navigating the immersive 3D Showcase, David can easily clarify unusual or complicated features, which might not have been captured at all.

With Matterport, he can speed up the as-built drawing process by 2x, and is now able to accomodate 15% more business. Download the case study to watch the video. 



Complete projects on time and under budget by improving drafting efficiency and reducing return site visits.


  • One third require a return visit for remeasuring or inspection, especially for multi-story or complex renovation projects.
  • As-built drawing and manual documentation process for complex properties (above 2,000 sq ft) can take 6 to 8 hours
  • LIDAR is cost-prohibitive for residential use ($2K+ per day)
  • Any as-built solution needs to be AutoCAD-friendly



David used Matterport to reduce manual measurements by 80% and speed up the as-built drawing process by 2X with automated floor plans and visual reference provided by Matterport. 

The Matterport scans are automatically registered and processed in the Matterport Cloud, and the finished model is imported into AutoCAD as a scale to begin drawing. 

Watch a video of his workflow.



Overall, KUOP Designs increased project capacity by 15% and reduced change orders to zero.


  • Cut drawing time by 50%
  • Reduce manual measurements by 80%
  • Eliminate manual photography
  • Matterport model used as scale in AutoCAD as-builts
  • Reduce as-built drawing time by 50%
  • Improved contract and bid accuracy
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