[Case Study] TL Circle Cuts Field-to-Finish Time by 50%

How TL Circle Cut Measuring Time by 60% and Modeling Time by 40%

Aryn Bergman, lead engineer and founder of TL Circle, is frequently confronted with complex engineering projects that require days of laborious, time-consuming BIM modeling in Revit, usually from hand-drawn measurements, notes and photographs.

With the Matterport Pro 3D Camera, Bergman can capture a medium-density single registered point cloud (around 200 MB) of an MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) room in under 1 hour. Bergman wanted to compare the point-cloud to Matterport, so he measured the MEP room by hand too -- this took him around 2-3 hours.

Bergman estimates that the field to finish time is cut in half when compared to projects done manually or with a different laser system. Creating a BIM model of a MEP boiler project used to cost around $10k. With Matterport to optimize the modeling process, he can drop the price to $5k to $6k, and offer more competitive prices, which has opened him up to new markets and also increase wages for his employees.

TL Circle Cuts Field-to-Finish Time by 50%


Learn about the struggles that Bergman and his employees had to suffer through creating BIM models on their own -- by hand, based on time-conusming measurments, photographs and hand-drawings, and multiple return visits.



Learn how Aryn Bergman compared Matterport scanning to hand measuring and discovered that they were accurate up to a centimeter.

Learn how he used automatically registered point clouds to speed up modeling time in Revit by 40%. 

Watch a video that shows his actual workflow.

Download the point cloud and play with it yourself.



Field-to-finish in 50% of the time enables TL Circle to offer competitive pricing 30%-40% below previous rates.

Learn how Aryn Bergman undercut his competition -- by using technology to save valuable man-hours.

Download the final Revit file and see for yourself what's possible.

Explore the MEP Room for yourself.

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