[ebook] The Definitive Guide to Getting More Seller Leads on Facebook

Everything you need to attract more home sellers on Facebook

Do you want more seller leads? Top-producing real estate agents and brokerages use Facebook to grow their network, build buzz for open houses, and win more listings. Download our ebook The Definitive Guide to Getting More Seller Leads on Facebook to learn how you can attract more home sellers in your neighborhood and beyond.

Topics include:

  • Setting up a winning Facebook business page

  • Launching a successful paid campaign

  • Using exciting, engaging visual content to gain more followers

  • Getting all your Facebook marketing assets from one solution

  • Closing the deal once you attract a potential client

  • Much more

According to Zillow.com, 50% of all buyers are under the age of 36. If you aren’t using the right innovative tools to market to this group, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Download our ebook today to learn how to use Facebook to grow your business fast and effectively.



Step 1: Create a Facebook Page that shines

You only get one chance to make a first impression. This is why it’s so important that - before you launch a paid campaign - to set up a stellar Facebook page that represents your business well. Facebook Ads aren’t the only thing people engage with - every ad you run on Facebook is linked to your Facebook Page (which represents a business or public figure), or your personal page (not recommended), and comes with the opportunity to gain long-term followers who view and share your organic posts - like market tips or future listings in their area.

That’s why you must always start with a standout page, including:

  • Use an HD Cover Photo and consider changing it up with your current live listings.

  • Set up a local business page to be discovered in more relevant searches, and separate your professional and personal profiles.

  • Post about relevant topics, including local market dynamics, community events, and - of course - new listings, and don’t forget to add appealing photos!

  • Take a professional headshot to use as your profile picture or use a high-res version of your logo.


Step 2: Set Up a Paid Campaign

Once you have a killer Facebook page, and have invited all of your existing Facebook friends and contacts to like it, you’re ready to launch a paid campaign. This would be to display ads for listings or for your business to potential home sellers and collect their contact information. This ad would drive them to your website (so they can follow it) or a landing page with a form from a CRM like Mailchimp (so you can follow up with them).

Your first step is to navigate to the Ads Manager from your Facebook’s Business page.


3. Choose an Objective and Audience

The next step is to define your marketing objective - this defines how Facebook will optimize and measure your campaign. For a real estate agent or broker, typical goals focus on getting followers and capturing the contact information of seller leads:

Want  to increase awareness of your brokerage or brand within your market (to  gain more followers)?

Choose ad types in Awareness if you are trying to generate interest in a particular listing or set of listings. These types of ads will cause Facebook to get you the most ad views for the least spend and are typically used by agents just trying to get started. All of these are image-heavy formats which use very minimal text - so choose an image that will get people excited, such as 3D Dollhouses, real estate photos, or potentially a professional headshot. These ads are based on impressions (that is, views).

  • Select Brand Awareness if you are trying to get raise general awareness among potential home sellers and buyers. You can still hone in on a target lead persona who is more likely to be in the property buying lifecycle, but with this format your goal should be general awareness, not direct leads.

  • Select Reach if you are trying to reach the maximum amount of people in your audience. This is casting a wider net to potentially hook more people into your network, but they may be less targeted.

Want to convince home sellers to choose you as their agent?

Choose ad types under Consideration if you are trying to generate more interest in your brokerage. These ads can be useful if you’re trying to build your brand reputation and want more people to know recognize your business. If you’re a brokerage, you can also use this to drive your thought leadership position in your market.

You may also offer prospects a piece of content, such as a blog post or guide on your local market, to pull in prospects who might be in the market for real estate agent services. To support this, you may consider creating content that would be interesting to a prospective home seller, like...

  • “The Best Way to Select a Real Estate Agent”  

  • “Top 5 Ways to Sell Your Home”

  • “North Shore Neighborhood Market Report”

This will also help you build a reputation as a valuable source of information in your market, and attract attention from folks who are not yet be ready for your services, but may be in the near future.


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