Real Estate Photographers - Beat your competition with 3D and virtual reality

Property photographers - Are you taking the right steps to grow your business effectively? Beyond Gravity Media, a California-based real estate photography company, and Matterport, industry leader in 3D and virtual reality technology, have co-hosted an educational webinar to help photographers generate more revenue and enter new markets effectively.

In the webinar, Scott Matalon, CEO of Beyond Gravity Media, shares how he was able to grow his photography business by 65% in just two years by upselling his existing customer base and expanding into new markets beyond residential real estate. There is also a Q&A at the end of the webinar, so watch it today to learn more! 

Webinar Agenda

  • Overview of how photographers are generating additional revenue with 3D tours and virtual realityA brief history of 3D technology (and Matterport)
  • Live demo of an immersive 3D virtual tour
  • The best way to implement 3D at your business
  • The future of virtual reality in property marketing
  • Live Q & A

Learn what it takes to run a successful photography business and expand to new markets

Creating a comprehensive marketing package for your clients can be an incredibly time consuming endeavor. With Matterport’s all-in-one media solution - powered by the new Pro2 3D Camera - photographers can generate everything they need to offer a complete marketing package in a single shoot. After one Matterport scan (1-2 hours for the typical US home), you can generate high-definition 2D photography, media-rich 3D walkthroughs, black-and-white floor plans, video-like guided tours, and immersive virtual reality experiences. Already have a DSLR? Keep using it! Matterport 3D is an excellent new way to upsell your existing accounts and makes for a great value-added service to your suite.

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