[Webinar] Leveraging Virtual Reality for your Property Business

virtual reality for real estate marketing

Matterport virtual reality has democratized VR content creation by building technology to allow practically anyone to capture a real world-world location - like a home, museum, or restaurant - and share it in Virtual Reality. Join Matterport’s VR team, including the Head of VR, Ashish Agrawal, and Keith Schaffer, VR Project Manager, as they describe the latest developments with Matterport VR. 

Interested in figuring out how to use Matterport VR for your business in 2017? Don’t miss out on this talk!

This webinar highlights our key virtual reality innovations and product milestones from the past year, including the launch of CoreVR and WebVR. Gain insight into the team’s upcoming plans to further proliferate real world VR with the Matterport VR SDK, currently available in limited beta. 


Ashish Agarwal, Head of VR @ Matterport

Ashish has deepe experience in real estate and property marketing technology, with experience from Google and his own proptech startup.

Keith Schaffer, VR Project Manager @ Matterport

Keith has been with us since the earliest days of Matterport VR, acting as a key customer advocate to develop a product that meets the needs of real estate and property marketing professionals who are on the cutting edge of digital property marketing techniques and technologies.


  • Business applications for virtual reality
  • Preferred headsets for optimal VR experience
  • Tips and tricks for modifying Matterport Spaces in VR workshop
  • The history of Matterport VR
  • Technical details about the development of CoreVR


2016 was widely dubbed the Year of Virtual Reality - with major hardware players like Samsung, Google, and HTC making broad and significant investments in virtual reality hardware that was affordable by coupling basic, consumer-ready headsets with existing smartphone technology. Apps and experiments popped up running the gammut, from interactive cinematic experiences to video gaming.

Matterport is on the forefront of B2B virtual reality - focusing on core innovations that make it easy for any user to create immersive, interactive virtual environments of the real world, and put them to use for business. We are one of the only ways to move the real-world into virtual reality, and our solution is incredibly simple.

This year, we focused our virtual reality product development on accessibility - ensuring that converting 3D Spaces into VR Spaces is quick, easy, and affordable - and comfort - tweaking the experience to make it comfortable and usable for the braodest possible user base.

Watch the webinar to learn more about what we've done, and what we plan.

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