Announcing General Availability of Matterport Developer Tools

Matterport API and SDK help customers, developers, and partners build amazing capabilities and custom workflows on top of the world’s largest 3D spatial data platform.

We launched the Matterport API and SDK in beta earlier this year, and worked closely to enable  hundreds of customers, partners and developers around the world to see what they’d build. Whether it’s automating custom workflows to increase productivity for internal use cases, or enabling new customer experiences and integrated applications that boost their competitive differentiation, our community has been able to leverage our developer tools as a catalyst for innovation and creativity. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’re making them generally available starting tomorrow, December 1, 2020.

Unleash your digital twin’s potential with the Matterport API and SDKs

At the highest level, our developer tools help enable the following capabilities:

  • Workflow automation and increased productivity by managing digital twins and other 3D assets at scale

  • Extension and customization of Showcase (our 3D player to enable differentiated experiences.

  • Creation of new apps and value added services

  • Integration into 3rd-party software, APIs and solutions


Now, let’s dive deeper into each of these dev tools and how they can be of use:

Matterport API 

The Matterport API helps developers manage 3D content and assets programmatically and securely at scale. It also helps customers eliminate manual steps and workarounds, while giving them more control by integrating with other tools. That means you can: 

  • Build custom search queries on your own web platforms and stage pages that incorporate multiple models or quickly find the 3D models you want to highlight.

  • Easily manage details of your models such as labels, measurements, and annotations as well as download assets such as meshes, point cloud, photos, schematic floor plans, and more.

  • Programmatically create public or private models, archive models or grab the model showcase URL.

  • Save time by ordering schematic floor plans or MatterpaksTM from within your own applications.

Over the past year, we worked with customers and partners around the world to better enable and understand the use cases they were able to unlock with the Matterport API. Here’s what some of them have had to say: 


“Using Hitachi’s original and patent-pending 3D Digital Design Simulator Platform (#3DEZ) along with rapid 3D site survey services made possible by Matterport’s API and technology, facility managers can accelerate the site’s assessment and deliver realistic 3D design plans to move forward — right from the desktop.” said Eldor Reif , Senior Manager of IoT Imaging & Security Solutions Strategy Planning at Hitachi. “Thanks to Matterport’s professional collaboration and the automation through the API integration, Hitachi is able to create real-life digital blueprints for various simulation use cases within 24 hours for most projects.”

Ehouse sees the Matterport API as crucial for the development of our bespoke virtual viewing platform which gives intelligent real time data to residential and commercial property professionals.”  according to Ben Fillmore, Managing Director of the UK based property marketing agency. “Without the Matterport API this wouldn’t be possible, the scale and flexibility of their API is one of the main reasons why we choose to work with Matterport and why they continue to be a long way ahead of their competitors.”


"The Matterport API has allowed us to automate 3D walkthrough post-production, reducing the time spent from hours to minutes”

said Scott MacKenzie - Director of HomePlan NZ, a 3D virtual tour company based in New Zealand. “We now have a streamlined process that allows for the capture of information onsite and, thanks to the Matterport API, automated upload of the information into (at times) hundreds of Mattertags with the click of a few buttons.  And what’s more, the API just keeps getting better and better with Matterport continuing to expand its functionality.”

Matterport SDK: 

The Matterport SDK (SDK for Embeds and SDK Bundle) helps developers augment and customize the Matterport 3D Showcase experience on any site.  You can deeply customize the 3D Showcase experience and build entire applications on top of Matterport, enabling many exciting new use cases. Here are some examples: 

  • Manage the interaction of the Showcase player with the web property it’s embedded on.

  • Manage annotations with Mattertags™ by creating, deleting, editing and moving them  programmatically.

  • Display Mattertags based on user actions within the page session.

  • Integrate with IoT devices, read measurements from the device and write to the corresponding Mattertag. 

  • Enable real-time video feed from site within a Mattertag, such as from a surveillance camera.

  • Use 3D object insertion to enable virtual staging and other real-time 3D space modifications.

Here’s what some of our customers and partners have to say about the cool things they’ve built using Matterport SDKs:

“We have been working with Matterport technology since 2014 offering virtual tours in Australia and New Zealand. In recent years the development of Matterports SDK and API have allowed our developers to create more bespoke offerings for our clients and also integrate features that are scalable across our platform CAPTURE3D for any MSP to gain a benefit from.” said Trent Clews-de Castella, Co-founder & CEO of Phoria, an immersive tech studio based in Australia . “More recently the updates on the SDK have allowed our team to get more creative in our approach to solving our clients problems. We see the Matterport virtual tour as the baseline from which entire experiences and solutions can be built from.”

Developer Update image 3

“Matterport’s decision to open up the platform to partners has fuelled innovation and allowed Boost3d to develop a host of value added services around the Matterport core product. Our Openhouse platform which provides guided virtual tours with videoconferencing is a fantastic example of how we’ve been able to  rapidly react to specific market conditions and develop an extremely useful tool for the real estate sector.” said Mark Cuddy, CEO of Boost3d, a virtual 3D tour company based in the UK.  “Using  the comprehensive SDK delivered by Matterport allows us to quickly develop the features that our customers tell us they want and also opens up a whole new range of opportunities for products and services that complement the excellent core product.”

Dev blog image 4

“Real estate agents and the industry in general are increasingly shifting their focus to social media for their marketing campaigns. To stand out, agents are constantly on the lookout for new ways to differentiate themselves from their peers. MPEmbed, thanks to the Matterport’s SDK allows just that.” said Yann Ménard, President of MPEmbed. “Matterport has become a standard and household name in the real estate industry. By using the SDK we make it possible to transform every Matterport experience into its own unique experience. Agents and agencies are using MPEmbed for the fact that they can create an experience that looks like them and that is the most important!”

Check out MPEmbed's video demo here.

Get started today

The Matterport API and SDK are generally available starting today with some exciting updates, including improved self management capabilities with API sandbox access and SDK domain configuration, increased API capabilities and improved performance.

Depending on your volume of usage as well as your needs, we’ve also developed affordable and transparent pricing tiers that let you experiment and scale on our battle-tested platform and only get charged once you move apps and workflows into production. Beta users who used the Dev Tools for internal applications (non-commercial) will be able to use them for free until December 1st, 2021. You can read more about developer tools and pricing tiers on our support page.

As for us, please stay tuned for more platform news in 2021. We are working hard to expand developer tools and offer world-class capabilities.  But in the meantime, we can’t wait to see what you’ll build.


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