Announcing the Matterport Service Partner Program

At Matterport, we know that our success is tied to the success of our customers, whether they’re using our technology for personal projects, or building a business around 3D scanning as a service.

We’ve been thrilled to see a growing number of our customers building successful businesses creating Matterport 3D models as a service to real estate brokerages, commercial real estate firms, and many others. We’ve worked closely with big and small service providers to understand their needs and develop ways to better support them as they learn and grow with Matterport.

The first step in this growing effort is the launch of our official Matterport Service Partner (MSP) Program, offered exclusively to Matterport Pro Camera owners. This comprehensive new program is designed to help Matterport service partners grow their businesses by providing free referrals, real estate marketing materials, interactive webinars, support tools, and more.  

To learn more about the benefits of the program or sign up, see our program summary. By becoming a MSP, service partners prove their commitment to producing quality work and becoming part of a growing community of creative and marketing professionals who are pushing boundaries with Matterport.

Need a Scan? Find a Service Partner!

As part of our MSP Program, we’re also launching our easy-to-use Find a Service Partner tool. Now, anyone who would like to engage a MSP to scan a space can quickly identify service partners in their area. Find a Matterport Service Partner today. We are committed to fostering the continued growth of Matterport Camera purchasers, and are excited to launch this program.

We expect it to continue to expand over time, as the Matterport community grows. We welcome your feedback.

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