Architects are increasing efficiency with easy, affordable reality capture

Modern architecture combines traditional measurements and sketches with 3D scanning technologies that eliminate mistakes and streamline workflows to produce a better product for your clients. These are game-changing promises because accuracy is a key to any successful building project, and architects historically have had to spend a lot of time taking tedious measurements and correcting details in hand-drawn floor plans. Additionally, many spaces have complex details that can be missed or mistaken when you rely on manual measurements and sketches.

Manual property photography is necessary for design. Yet, it takes hours to complete and even more time to organize, and even high-quality manual photography can miss complex spatial details and critical measurements. To date, better options have been limited. With the emergence of Matterport’s 3D reality capture solution, however, residential architecture is improving measurably:

  • Avoid tedious 2D manual photography

  • Streamline the build process

  • Capture current onsite conditions both visually and dimensionally

  • Catch hidden structures like a closed-up laundry shoot or intricate plumbing

  • Generate colorized point clouds, OBJs, reflected ceiling plans and floor plans

  • Take accurate manual measurements using an integrated measurement tool

With a 3D reality capture solution, architects are boosting their revenues and customer experience through faster, easier, more effective workflows. They are achieving greater design accuracies by comparing 3D scans with previous 2D documentation. And all of those resources are reducing return site visits and accomplishing better results in less time.

The many benefits of a fast and simple reality capture tool

The Matterport Pro2 3D solution provides residential architects with a 2D / 3D camera and automated scanning. It’s so manageable that within minutes of taking it out of the box, you can start to generate spatial and photographic data of a property. In addition to the bottom line benefits that come from eliminating time-consuming and complex workflows, the Matterport Pro 3D is cost-efficient. It captures 2D photography aligned with 3D measurements. That dual capability means you only need to augment measurements when exact dimensions are necessary (e.g., windows or electrical components). More complicated dimensions (e.g., 30- and 45-degree angles and stairwells), require fewer measurements. Site visits take half the time. You can generate more accurate measurements, which import right into AutoCAD.

Images are only as useful as you make them. To maximize your photography investment, you have to organize your pictures, place them in a safe space where you can share them with stakeholders, and transform the images into rich marketing experiences. The Matterport Spaces solution is the other half of a powerful modern residential architecture solution. As you complete 3D scans, photos and 2D photos, they are automatically organized in Matterport Spaces. From there, you can share your images with stakeholders and clients to enable them to experience job site conditions as if they were viewing the space in person, and even turn the images into teaser videos, 360 snapshots, and unlimited HDR photography. 

Real life results

“I won’t do a multi-story building without a Matterport camera.” While often difficult and time-consuming for complex residential homes, David Kuoppamaki produces as-built documentation for each of his multi-story projects. With Matterport as a vital tool in his arsenal for creating as-built drawings, he has lowered his drawing time by 50%, reduced manual measurements by 80%, and eliminated manual photography altogether. Besides saving an incredible amount of time and money, he’s also been able to provide 3D walkthroughs to his contractors, who have created more accurate (and successful) customer bids.

In one home, the Matterport 3D floor plan revealed double plumbing walls. Without this information, Kuoppamaki would have been forced to spend significant time re-measuring the space. In another home, he spotted strange, difficult-to-detect angular changes – a catch that prevented costly future construction complications.

Read more about Kuoppamaki’s experience with Matterport here.

Matterport 3D reality capture tool satisfies every need and benefit that residential architects need. With it, you’ll minimize common measurement errors, reduce the number of necessary onsite visits, communicate scans more effectively and powerfully with stakeholders and clients, and do the work that gets beautiful homes built.

Are you ready for greater efficiencies and results? Contact us to learn more about the right Matterport solutions for you.

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